Health Development Training   

Our training system has been developed over the years specifically to help you feel stronger, more mobile, balanced, and fitter. If your goal is to become a healthier version of yourself then our health development personal training  is going to suit you right down to the ground. From the experience of dealing with many people who want to become healthier and fitter, our program has evolved to address all of the most common problems that you will encounter when trying to get fit and healthy. From a personalised training program, professional coaching, a nutrition approach that is based on developing healthy habits as opposed to a restrictive diet, optional social get togethers, and a friendly and encouraging training environment, our health development program is going to help you achieve your goals on the first attempt. 

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Complimentary Strategy Consultation  

The first step for you to get fit and healthy is to sit down for a 1-1 consultation with an ACALÍ Coach. In this meeting, together we can establish some clear goals, discuss any old injuries, aches and pains, or medical conditions that you  have, and work out a plan to achieve your targets. Our initial consultations are complimentary, without obligation to sign up to any of our programs, and they are a great opportunity to find out more about our approach and the different memberships that we have that would suit you.  

A Program Made For Your Body and Your Goals

After your initial consultation, we will design a program for you that fits your current level of ability, your goals, and any old injuries that you may have. Your training will focus on building strength, mobility, balance, and skill, with the object of helping you feel more confident in your body. The main objectives of yoru program will be to move you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals, teaching you new skills and movements, and showing you HOW to train effectively for the future. 

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A Friendly Environment with Professional Coaching

You will have a wide variety of options to choose from when you are deciding on your weekly training schedule, so that you can get your strength and movement sessions in at a time that suits your sports training work schedule etc. There are sessions in the early morning, evenings, and weekends. 

Our facility is designed so that you can have fun while working towards your goals in a friendly and motivating environment. You will always have the watchful eye of your coach, and the expertise of the ACLAÍ team behind you to make sure that you enjoy your training and feel like you are making progress in every session.