Sports Performance Training Cork

If you would like to get the edge on the competition, bring your personal sports performance to the next level, or build yourself up for a successful season. Regular training at ACLAÍ will help to get you there. In the last 12 months, we have trained the national champions in Triathlon, Swimming, and Running. We also work with top flight inter county GAA players, professional soccer players, motorbike road racers, and round the world sailors. Training for athletic development and fitness at ACLAÍ focuses on building a training program to develop movement skills, strength, mobility, coordination, and power. Getting the most out of your strength and conditioning training is based on doing the basics right, consistently, and putting in the right ingredients of the training program at the right stage of the season.  

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One-on-One Strategy Consultation 

The first step in moving towards better fitness performance in your sport is to plan the path for success, and that is exactly what we will do together during your 1-1 complimentary consultation at ACLAÍ. You will have the opportunity to sit down with an ACLAÍ Coach, go through a basic movement assessment, set some goals for inside the gym and in your sporting field, and identify the most effective plan possible for achieving your fitness goals. Our initial consultations are always complimentary, without obligation to sign up to any of our programs, and it is a great opportunity to discuss with a coach how you can achieve your absolute potential in your sport. 

Personal Fitness Trainer In Cork and Movement Program

Once you are ready to start your fitness training with us, we will put together a personal strength and movement training program for you that will encompass everything you need to become stronger, more powerful, more mobile, more efficient, and resistant to injury. 

Our training facility is custom built to allow for maximal efficiency in your training, and to allow you to train in a way that pushes you towards mastery of your body, and development of key movements in power lifting, body weight training and callisthenics, basic gymnastics, locomotion and crawling patterns, and strength and conditioning training, all under the watchful eye of an ACLAÍ Coach. 

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Flexibility Training and Expertise Under One Roof

You will have a wide variety of options to choose from when you are deciding on your weekly fitness training schedule, so that you can get your strength and movement sessions in at a time that suits your sports training work schedule etc. There are sessions in the early morning, evenings, and weekends. 

You will also have the expertise of the ACLAÍ team behind you to tailor your training to suit the time of the season, so that you peak at just the right time.