Special Requirement Training Cork 

From the very outset of ACLAÍ, we wanted to build a facility for all abilities. Our centre is fully accessible, and our team of professional coaches are ready to help you with your training regardless of what level of mobility you have. We currently have clients with a very wide range of medical conditions and disabilities from brittle bone disease, multiple sclerosis, amputees, dyspraxia, acquired brain injury and many more conditions, for which we have developed a specific training program in the best gym facilities in Cork. 

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Initial Consultation and Assessment 

During your initial consultation we will go through a functional movement assessment together, set goals to work towards, and make a plan to achieve them. This is a crucial step in the process that will set up your long term progress and help us develop a strength and conditioning program for your needs. Our initial consultations are always complimentary, without obligation to sign up to any of our programs. 

Fun Fitness Programs in Cork and Supervised Fitness Classes 

Upon a personal consultation we will sit down with you and work on a personal fitness program that works for you. We will also make sure it's enjoyable and rewarding, so that you don't dread going to the gym, and that serves as the best training methods to help get you stronger, more fit, and more confident in your own body. You will always have an ACLAÍ coach there to help you through each session, surrounded by the best gym facilities in Cork. 

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Interdisciplinary Approach and Gradual Fitness Progress

The  ACLAÍ team is very connected with physiotherapists and medical consultants to make sure that everything you do at ACLAÍ is helping you move in the right direction to achieve your physical and well being goals. Get in shape under the guidance of your professional ACLAÍ Coach, and enjoy the rewards of gradual progress to more advanced fitness abilities, physical skills, and personal strength exercises. We will provide you with all the fitness information you need to know, whether they are about fitness and training, or