Every Goal, Every Ability, and Every Body….We’ve Got Your Back!

Whether your goal is to get healthier, lose weight, get back to moving pain free, or to improve your sporting performance, we will build as training program specifically for your individual needs, and help you achieve your goals through our unique system of personal training in Cork city. The value of having a personal trainer comes from learning how to train, having the accountability and guidance to ensure you are going in the right direction, and the expertise to help you get real and long lasting results from the time that you spend training. Our approach to strength and movement training is enjoyable, effective and 100% customised to your current level of ability and your goals. Have a look below and click on the relevant page to find our more about how we can help you.

Sports Performance and Fitness Training In Cork

If you would like to get the edge on the competition, bring your personal performance to the next level, or build yourself up for a successful season, regular training at ACLAÍ will help to get you there. In the last 12 months, we have trained the national champions in Triathlon, Swimming, and Running. We also work with top flight inter county GAA players, professional soccer players, motorbike road racers, and round the world sailors. Fitness training and athletic development at ACLAÍ focuses on building a physical training program to develop movement skills, strength, mobility, coordination, and power. Getting the most out of your strength and conditioning training is based on doing the basics right consistently, and putting in the right ingredients of the training program at the right stage of the season. 

Health and Weight Loss Training Cork

Our approach to long term health and weight loss is very straight forward. Start taking part in regular physical activity, perform regular strength training with a program that suits how you move, taking into account past and current injuries, and your goals, and get the basics of your nutrition right on a consistent basis. Training at ACLAÍ whether in a 1-1 setting, or our unique 1-4 system of training, will help keep you on track for all of the above, and show you a fresh approach towards long term health, strength, and mobility. When your are training with ACLAÍ, we will teach you the best tips on fitness and nutrition that you should focus on, bring you through regular strength and fitness sessions with a personal trainer at ACLAÍ, and help you build a healthy lifestyle for long-term success. 

Injury/ Surgery Rehabilitation Training

Whether you are fresh from the physio table, recovering after an operation, or have been putting off being active due to a long standing injury or issue, we can help you. We have developed a strong relationship with many physiotherapists, GP's and consultants to establish a strong return-to-function program whether your injury and/ or surgery resulting from a sporting situation, an accident, wear and tear, or overuse. This type of training starts with a movement assessment to establish your current levels, followed by building you a program with a suitable starting point. Our specialist rehab training focuses on building your strength, mobility, movement ability, and overall confidence to get you back to where you want to be, and is always under the guidance of an ACLAÍ coach. Injury/ surgery rehab training can be started without a referral letter, but we often maintain contact with our clients'  GP/ consultant/ physio to ensure that the program moves forward as effectively as possible. 

Inclusive Strength and Movement Training

Over the years we have worked with people who are dealing with a wide range of medical conditions, including: diabetes, high blood pressure, cerebral palsy, brittle bones, Erbs palsy, spina bifida, acquired brain injuries, amputees, dyspraxia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Hydrocephalus, polymicrogyria, aspergers, and autism. We specialise in building custom training programs for each individual, working closely with medical professionals to monitor progress and conditions, and in giving the correct level of professional attention to detail, care, and coaching that is required when working with people who have medical considerations. Special requirement training can be started without a referral letter, but we generally work with our clients' medical prfessional to ensure that the program moves forward as effectively as possible. 

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