Membership Options

Thank you for showing an interest in training at ACLAÍ. We pride ourselves on our standard of service and the results that we help our members achieve. Membership at ACLAÍ is on a month to month basis, with no contract. Basically, you stay for as long as you want to and are enjoying your training! When you are training at ACLAÍ, you are learning HOW to train, getting great results from your sessions, developing new skills and abilities, and getting professional and expert coaching from a small dedicated team.

Our price-list is as follows for our regular personal training memberships.

  • Once per week personal training - €140 per month

  • Twice per week personal training - €280 per month

  • Three times per week personal training - €390 per month

  • Four times per week personal training €480 per month

During each training session, you will be doing your own personalised training program and will be under the guidance of an ACALÍ coach, who will be keeping the positives vibes going and making sure that you are working hard and with perfect technique. Sessions are 50-60 minutes long, with a limit to 4 members in any session, ensuring you get the attention, coaching expertise, space, and equipment you need to get a very high  quality session done every time. Below are some things to consider when thinking about joining forces with us at ACLAÍ.

(Note: We also offer a number of limited places for 1-1 training, which are charged at €60 per session)


Professional Coaching

By choosing ACALÍ, you are coming on board with a small dedicated, experienced team, and are hiring motivated professionals to help you to achieve the results you want from your training. Our coaching team has 25 years of coaching experience between us, so you will always be in good hands! Our training philosophy is based on helping you become stronger in all the essential human movements.

No matter where you are starting from we will use our experience and expertise to build a program for you that fits your current level and your goals. You will be able to train at a time that suits your own schedule at a great central location, and you will be under the guidance of an ACLAÍ Coach for each session.

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Exceptional Experience

Our custom built training facility is designed specifically for our own unique training method, and to help you have a positive experience every time you come in. We have worked hard to create a friendly, inviting, and motivating environment for you to train in from the music we play and the art on the walls!

We only allow small number of members into the facility for each hour, so that there is always plenty of space and equipment, and you always have your coach at hand to help you. When you are training with us, your are learning how to train, and going through a process that we have developed over the last 5 years that will bring long lasting results.

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Community and Results

No matter where you are starting from, you will feel at home at ACLAÍ, and you will find that there are people with very similar goals and objectives already training with us. We have a community of members who are all working on their own training, yet enjoy seeing each other progress and attending some of the social events that we run such as our Lón Mór long table lunch.

Our training in inclusive to people of all levels of ability and with over 30 different sessions to choose from on the schedule, you will have the flexibility to choose suitable training times, change sessions when you need to, and book online at your convenience.