Fitness and Performance Testing

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Go through a full range of fitness and performance tests with an ACLAÍ Coach. From this comprehensive testing session, you will be able to:

  • Identify your areas of strength and weakness

  • Set goals that can measured and reassessed in future testing sessions

  • Design a program specifically aimed at addressing your weak spots

There are a maximum of 2 fitness and performance testing sessions available per week, so booking in advance is essential.


Functional Movement Assessment

The best starting point for a testing session is an assessment of your movement quality in a series of core human movements, as well as looking at range of motion in the major joints and areas at risk of injury. Establishing your level of competence and mobility in our carefully selected series of movements will form a strong starting point for a program, give you a good benchmark to aim for in each movement, and will also help identify areas that may be of higher risk of injury.

During this movement assessment, we will go through your squatting and hinging patterns, assess your overhead range of motion, assess upper body /lower body coordination and connection. as well as looking at hip, shoulder, and back ranges of motion.

Explosive Power Testing

During your explosive power testing, we will assess your countermovement jump and squat jump, giving you a measure of both elastic power, starting power,

Strength Testing

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Peak Power and Threshold Power Testing

Speed Strength Profiling (Optional)

This test is optional, and only for intermediate-advanced level trainees who want to establish a baseline for future testing in speed strength testing, and to establish your force/ velocity curve.

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Body Composition Testing (Optional)

7 Point Body Comp Testing

% Body Fat

Booking Your Session

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What will happen during your testing session (list of standard tests)

Note on the optional tests.

What will happen after your testing session