Meet Your Personal Training Support Team

Ainle Ó Cairealláin

(Head Coach + Managing Director)


Originally from Belfast but now living in Cork, I have been coaching professionally since 2004, and in that time have worked with professional athletes, children, older members of the community, weight loss clients, and people coming back from orthopaedic surgery, as well as clients with a wide range of disabilities and medical conditions.

My educational background includes an honours degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences (University of Limerick 2007), NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (2009) Research Masters in Biomechanics (University of Limerick 2010), Functional Movement Systems Coach (2011), Precision Nutrition Coach (2012), and NSCA Certified Special Population Specialist (2018).

Between the years of 2011 and 2018, I have been fully committed to developing a unique training system based on quality of movement, long term enjoyment and participation for people of all levels, and a method that produces real results in a safe, professional, and challenging environment. This long term project really kicked off in 2013 when I opened ACLAÍ for the first time, and has been going from strength to strength. Along the way, I have encountered and helped many clients, and learned from experts in their respective fields from around the world. From spending time working for a professional Aussie rules team in Adelaide South Australia, to training the Cork Senior Football team, to working with well know movement professionals from far and abroad, and lecturing at Setanta College, and The University of Limerick, a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the last 14 years!

Outside of the world of sport and exercise science, I have worked on and presented several television documentaries that were shown on TG4, RTÉ, and BBC. Most recently I presented Taobh Thiar Den Gheansaí/ Behind the Jersey, that took an indepth look at the mental health issues that we are going through in ireland today, especially among young men. Developing ACLAÍ as a facility that promotes positive mental health is key component to our approach and development, especially in this day of constant distraction, and focus on the superficial side of health. I have also been involved in national and international activism, including a recent trip to the West Bank of Palestine. 

For me, ACLAÍ is much more than a gym. It is a long term project to integrate human movement, mental and physical health, inclusion for all, social get togethers and both collective and personal development. I am passionate about creating an alternative to the evermore commercialised idea of health and fitness that exists today to create something more effective, ethical, and sustainable for long term participation and enjoyment. Some key components of this approach include integrating high quality and expertise based strength and movement training with social gatherings (Long Table Lunches and Movie Nights), and continual learning  (through the Book Club at ACLAÍ). The cornerstone of the ACLAÍ approach is that we can be healthier as individuals when we are a part of a vibrant community, thus providing a real alternative method of cultivating long term health, focusing on meaningful pursuits in training as opposed to monotonous tread-milling, and enjoyment of quality and local foods as opposed to restrictive diets.

  • Sports and Exercise Sciences (Hons), University of Limerick, 2007

  • Research Masters in Biomechanics/ Strength and Conditioning, University of Limerick 2011.

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 2009

  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, 2012

  • Functional Movement Systems Coach, 2011

  • NSCA Certified Special Population Specialist, 2018


Baptiste Vergé


After graduating from High School both in Australia and in France. Baptiste completed a three year undergraduate degree in sport science at the University of Grenoble, a achieved postgraduate degree in Strength and conditioning at the University of Montpellier.

Baptiste got involved in strength and conditioning, thanks to rugby, when he was playing in France as a way to  improve his  performance and avoid injury. His is also involved in Highfield RFC as Head Coach of all Ireland League team where he is coaching the Men after having coached the Women team last year.

Outside the Baptiste is very fond of ancient history and it might not be a huge surprise for many considering he is a Frenchman, he also enjoys good food and cooking.

What Baptiste enjoy's  most about working in ACLAÍ, is the social aspect of it. The fact that in addition of the personal training, there is also the book club, movie nights and long table where people get together and share their knowledge and culture.

  • License degree in sport science , UFRAPS Grenoble 2016

  • Higher diploma in strength and conditioning, UFRAPS Montpellier 2017

  • Altis foundation course, 2018

  • IRFU coaching level 4, 2018


Alan Dineen


So far as we know, Alan is the only wheelchair-using strength and conditioning coach who is coaching able bodied clients in a professional facility. Alan's  main areas of interest are  injury prevention and rehabilitation, disability and gymnastic training. He can be seen in ACLAÍ just about every day perfecting his hand balancing skills, gymnastic ring, among other impressive feats of strength! 

Alan has represented Ireland in Wheelchair Rugby  since 2011 and now holds a senior role within the squad.  Alan is currently studying a BSc in Strength and Conditioning in Setanta College, and already holds a certificate in Resistance Training and Functional Screening  and a Certificate in Strength and Conditioning, as well as  IRB Level 1 strength and conditioning certificate, Level 1 Coaching certificate in wheelchair basketball (Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association), SAQ Ireland certified, and IRFU Leprechaun Rugby certified coach.


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Kate Maher


Kate is a Kilkenny native living in Cork and has complete four years of Sports Strength and Conditioning with Setanta College. Her main areas of interest are injury prevention, rehabilitation and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, which make her a great addition to the ACLAÍ team.

Kate holds various coaching certificates such as foundation level coaching in GAA for Gaelic Football and Hurling, FAI Kickstart level 1, Indoor Cycling, TRX training and IRFU Leprechaun Rugby certified coach.

She loves training even when she’s not at work! She also enjoy going for a hike, binge watching Netflix and is a huge coffee addict!

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Stéphanie Leygonie

(Customer Service)

Steph is in charge of customer service, looking after our members, social media management, and making sure the ACLAÍ wheels keep on turnin' no matter what! 

After graduating in Sustainability Management, Steph worked for eight years as a management consultant specialized in Strategy and Transformation in France, Canada and Ireland, where she helped organisations and people lead and take ownership of their changes.

Driven by creating real impact and sustainable value using collaboration to help people achieve their goals, she never let go of her passion for sustainability and her eagerness to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. She recently left the “corporate world” to turn to charity and humanitarian work, and joined ACLAÍ where she can help others and create sustainable positive change.

When she’s not looking after our members, Steph enjoys socializing in various kinds of cultural events, going for hikes, and above all, travelling as much as she can.