Injury Rehabilitation Training Cork   


One-on-One Fitness Strategy Consultation 

During your initial consultation with a personal trainer, we will go through a functional movement assessment together, set goals to work towards, and make a plan to achieve them. This is a crucial step in the process that will set up your long term progress and help us develop a strength and conditioning program for your needs. Our initial consultations are always complimentary, without obligation to sign up to any of our programs. 

Strength Training Program

After your consultation we will design a fitness program created specifically so that you can work hard with the confidence that what you are using the best fitness plan especially for you,. We will also provide you with a fitness guide that is enjoyable and fulfilling form of physical activity, and serve as a  training method that will help get you stronger, more functional, and more confident in your fitness goals. You will always have an ACLAÍ coach there to help you through each session and to achieve your fitness goals in the best gym in Cork. We will help you to achieve muscular development and muscular strength by following the right health and fitness training program. 

Whether it is a training program for women's fitness or PT training, you can be sure that ACLAÍ is one of the best gym locations in Cork. Join the fun. 

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Personal Fitness Plan and Gradual Progress

We work closely with physiotherapists, consultants, and anyone else that you have on your back-room team to make sure that everything you do at ACLAÍ is helping you move in the right direction. Under the guidance of your professional ACLAÍ fitness trainer in Cork, you will gradually progress to more advanced movements, fitness skills, and strength exercises as you get stronger, and more mobile.