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If you want to feel better in your own skin, lose weight, feel healthier, or get stronger and more mobile, you are on the right page. From the experience of dealing with many people who want to become healthier and fitter, our program has evolved to address all of the most common problems that you will encounter when trying to get fit and healthy. From a personalised training program, professional coaching, a nutrition approach that is based on developing healthy habits as opposed to a restrictive diet, optional social get togethers, and a friendly and encouraging training environment, our health development program is going to help you achieve your goals on the first attempt. 

3 Essential Elements For Strength and Health

1. A Program That Fits

A well structured and supervised program of strength, conditioning, and mobility training will help you in more ways than you may initially realise. Having the support of a professional coach will serve as a good anchor for your consistent effort and progress. A properly fitted plan will help keep you injury free, which is essential for the job at hand if you want to make real progress. You will build confidence along the way as you see yourself making progress and mastering new skills, and these will act as landmarks letting you know that you are moving in the right direction. At ACLAÍ, our bread and butter is creating personalised training programs for our members, regardless of where you are starting from

2. Positive Nutrition

Nutrition is a key part to success when it comes to building health, and like many things, doing the basics right consistently is what works every time. Better to build consistently and solidly over the long run than start off like a house on fire and burn out after a short period of time. Most of us already know what our most damaging nutrition habit is that holds us back already. The usual suspects include; skipping a decent breakfast, soft drinks, binging at the weekend, eating late at night, consistent snacking on sugary foods, not preparing food in advance and ending up very hungry, eating on the go, and take aways.Get started today by drinking more water each day or eating less sugar!

3. Out-Of Gym Activity

Once you have a strength and mobility program set up with the help of a coach, start getting more active outside of the gym. You can start with as little as 10 minutes; get out of the house and get yourself some movement. Walk, cycle, swim, whatever you like. This is an essential component for your long term success so it is crucial that you get started right now and keep on building up as slowly as you like until you are doing at least 60 minutes per day. Being active every day is a very positive move for your physical health and your mental health, and is especially important when you are feeling stressed and on the days when you do not have a gym session scheduled.

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Benefits of Training at ACLAÍ

The first step for you to get fit and healthy is to sit down for a consultation with an ACALÍ Coach. In this meeting, together we can establish some clear goals, discuss any old injuries, aches and pains, or medical conditions that you  have, and work out a plan to achieve your targets. Our initial consultations are complimentary, without obligation to sign up to any of our programs, and they are a great opportunity to find out more about our approach and the different memberships that we have that would suit you.  

After your initial consultation, we will design a program for you that fits your current level of ability, your goals, and any injuries/ medical consitions that you may have. Your training will focus on building strength, mobility, balance, and skill. The main objectives of your program will be to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, teaching you new skills and movements, and showing you HOW to train effectively for the future. 

  • Personalised training program to fit your goals and current level of ability

  • Supervised training during every session so you are performing exercises with perfect technique every time

  • Flexible training time so you can book at times that suit your schedule.

  • Professional coaching to help you past any obstacles that may arise

  • Training with other people who have similar goals as yourself.

  • Improved health, strength, and mobility

  • Regular program updates as you progress or need adaptation.

  • Friendly, motivating, and enjoyable atmosphere and facility.


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