We are expanding our coaching team

Our personal training facility is growing, and we want to expand our team by the end of the summer. We are looking for a coach who is as excited and passionate as we are about providing a world class personal training service in our Cork city centre location. Read the following details and fill in the form below to submit your application if you think you would be a fit for our team.

About ACLAÍ…

This year we are celebrating 6 years in business as a personal training facility, and over the years we have established ourselves as a well respected and sought after personal training business. Around our professional personal training service, we have created community events such as a book club, movie nights, long table lunch events, storytelling events, and a bit of arts and crafts every now and again. In the last 12 months we have received a national CARA award and a national Business All Star Award for our high standard of professional service and inclusive approach. Our 4 main philosophies include:

  • Quality Movement

  • Real Food for Real Life

  • Leading by Example

  • Creating Positive change

You can find our more about our services and approach on our About page here. 

What you can expect from working at ACLAÍ 

If you join the ACLAÍ team you can expect to have the following opportunities

  • Be a part of an experienced and highly motivated team 

  • Learn the ACLAÍ training system and how to teach it to members

  • Opportunities for professional development as a strength and movement coach

  • Help a wide variety of members with their health and movement training

  • Be a part of the regular community events that are run from our training facility

  • Coaching personal training sessions with 1:4 Coach to member ratio

  • Coaching 1-1 personal training sessions

  • Developing new training programs for members

  • Contribute to our growth as a personal training facility and community based business

Who you will be working with

The 4 most common type of member that train at ACLAÍ include:

  1. People who are working on their general health and fitness

  2. Athlete’s that are training with us to complement their sporting performance

  3. Members who are coming back from injury or an operation

  4. Members who have medical conditions or physical disabilities.

With all our members, we aim to help them learn how to train, as well as developing strength, mobility, and movement skills. As we work with clients of all ages so you will have the opportunity to work with kids and adults alike, you will have the opportunity to help bring clients through a pretty wide variety of personalised training programs. 

Current ACLAÍ Projects

  1. Developing ACLAÍ as a world class personal training facility

    Our primary purpose is to develop a personal training service of the highest possible standard. This related to our coaching style, our level of service to our members, our programming and technical knowledge, and how we relate and cooperate with relevant health professionals such as GPs, therapists, and consultants to offer our members a complete and holistic approach to their training with us.

  2. Building ACLAÍ as a hub for community based events

    We believe in the power of community, and strive to build ACLAÍ as a hub for events that bring people together such as our book club meet-ups, long table lunch events, movie nights, story telling get togethers, and the odd arts and crafts meet up. As part of the ACLAÍ team you will be a part of the drive to have a positive influence on the community in which we are based in Cork.

  3. Opening the Palestine Community Gym

    We strive to create positive change both in our immediate vicinity, and further afield. We are currently leading a project to open a community based training facility in the Aida refugee camp in the West Bank, Palestine, and as part of the ACLAÍ team, you will play an active role in this project.

Application Criteria

Essential Criteria

  • Qualification in Strength and Conditioning (UKSCA/ CSCS/ or equivalent)

  • Strong IT skills

  • Ability to work as part of a tight knit team

  • Strong desire to develop a career as a strength and movement coach

Desirable Criteria

  • Degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences or equivalent

  • Experience in customer facing or retail positions

  • Qualification in working with special populations (children, people with physical disabilities or medical conditions, older adults etc)

How to Apply

We have a 5 step selection process for the successful applicant to become an ACLAÍ Coach:

  1. Fill in the form below before Monday 26th of August @ 5pm

  2. Receive the email with further information and instructions

  3. Reply to the email with a cover letter and your CV, along with any questions that you may have about the position

  4. Accept an invitation to come for an interview at our training facility

  5. Follow through with our in-house training process and become an ACLAÍ Coach

Applications deadline: Monday 26th of August 2019 at 5pm

Name *

Please note that submission of your CV and Cover letter does not guarantee that you will move to the next stage of the process. We receive quite a high volume of applications when positions become available. While we will respond to every applicant, we will only interview a select few of coaches for the position.