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The Lón Mór started back in 2016 when we wanted an excuse to come together and share food, music, and stories together, and has evolved into an exciting social event to look forward to a few times per year. It works like this: 1) We set up a long table down the middle of our training facility, and provide cutlery and crockery for all to use. 2) You bring yourself (and some friends if you like), and a bit of food to share. 3) we have a DJ spinning some tunes, and the rest looks after itself! The end result is a great afternoon of fun and company, sharing food and stories like the olden days, and all completely for free. See more about the motivation behind this event down below, and find out how you can get involved in the next Lón Mór.


Share Food

To take part in the Lón Mór, just come along with some food that you have prepared, and share it with the other Lón Mór goers. You can share recipes and taste a wide variety of food at each event.


Meet Friends

One of the best things about the Lón Mór is meeting the other people who have come along. It is a family friendly event, and a great way to make new friends and catch up up with old ones!

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Have Fun

At each event, we usually have a DJ spinning the tunes for us in the background and adding to the positive vibes. The environment is relaxed, and you are welcome to drop in for as long or as short as you like.

The Story Behind the Lón Mór

The original idea for the Lón Mór project came from a conversation with my youngest brother, Naoise, who was living in the Basque Country at the time. He described how people in villages and towns would come together on a regular basis around long table and cook for each other. During our chat, it really dawned on us that this type of communal eating has all but disappeared from our culture today, yet it is such an important element of life when it comes to health, our connections with each other, and how we feed our bodies and minds. If you are a fan of scientific study, check out this link to a 2017 study from the Journal of Adaptive Human Behaviour and Physiology that stated “those who eat socially more often feel happier and are more satisfied with life, are more trusting of others, are more engaged with their local communities”. And another one from the Journal of Epidemiology that showed clearly “…laughter is associated with lower prevalence of cardiovascular diseases.”  Pretty sweet right!

Anyway, as you are reading this on our website, you probably already know that we are a Cork based personal training company going about our business in a way that relates to our core values of coaching quality movement, encouraging our followers to eat real food, leading by example, and creating positive change. Another motivation for the Lón Mór came from the fact the vast majority of the ‘nutrition advice’ that is out there in the health and fitness world these days is based solely on marketing, advertising, and selling us products that are usually quite expensive, and most of the time useless at best when it comes to the benefits that we get from these products. The internet is awash with products and diets that promise ‘rapid weight loss’, ‘beach body’, ‘six pack abs’ and every other cliche that you can think of. Whats really happening here, is that advertisers are trying to sell us products that promise a lot and deliver very little, outside of a healthy profit for the people selling the stuff. In essence, they play on our insecurities, and we end up putting the promise of superficial aesthetics over our actual health. Even diets that don’t promote a certain ‘health food’ product result in social isolation and a feeling of deprivation. None of which are good for long term health, physical or mental. The Lón Mór is our response to diets, ‘health food products’, and negative advertising.


‘Real food for real life’, is one of our mottos, and the Lón Mór gives you the opportunity to try your hand at cooking up a bit of food if you are not a regular cook, and a chance to share your favourite recipe or try something new if you want to release the inner foodie! Being able to cook a few dishes is an essential life skill and one that will stand to your health for the long term. You can go on a restrictive diet if you want to loose body-weight, but really what good is it if you put the weight back on again after the diet, and especially if you have not developed any skills or positive relationships with food in the meantime? The Lón Mór is about putting the fun back into food, and building a positive connection with food that goes all the way from preparing a meal, sharing it, and enjoying the fun that comes from sitting around the table together. Food. Check. Great company. Check. Whats next?! Another one of our big passions at ACLAÍ is great music. During every Lón Mór in the last 2 years we have had Darren Kelly on the decks setting the tone of the event and keeping the energy in the room at the exact right level.

The Lón Mór project cuts straight to the core of what we believe the role of business should be in the community. We are based in the heart of Cork city, and part of a thriving community of Corkonians, local and independent businesses, friends, family, neighbours, and people who have found themselves living in beautiful Cork for one reason or another. Because we are a part of this great community, and the community around us is what allows us to exist as a small startup business, we are passionate about doing something to give back to the community of which we are a part. We are professionals when it comes to strength and conditioning, personal training, and movement coaching, and if I may say so myself, we are pretty good when it comes to all of that! When it comes to food, we are enthusiastic amateurs, but love to be able to our facility to good use to bring people together and create something very positive with our space!


The Lón Mór is a free event. It always has been, and always will be. However, we have invested quite a bit on getting the event up and running, and making it happen on a regular basis. We recently purchased our very own long tables, and also a BIG GREEN EGG! If you dont kow what this is, look it up on Google, but you can trust me when I say that this absolute beast of a thing brings the Lón Mór to the next level! DIY pizza’s and charcoal cooked delights! For us, the Lón Mór is another way to spread good vibes, and making more people aware of what we are trying to achieve at ACLAÍ with our inclusive, personalised, and high quality personal training service. The Lón Mór isn’t a marketing ploy or anything like that, we just prefer to spend our marketing budget on creating something positive instead of spending on advertising, clickbait, and marketing agencies, and cant think of a better way of doing that than bringing people together for the Lón Mór. The people who train at ACLAÍ get a chance to bring their friends and family along to the place where they are working hard on their strength and movement training. We get to invite our friends and neighbour who dont train at ACLAÍ. People who just want to come along for the fun can do so in an easygoing atmosphere, and the whole event creates lovely positive vibrations all round!

If you want to get involved in the next Lón Mór, checkout our events page below and just come along! As mentioned above, it is a family friendly event (you can bring your canine friend along as long as they are well behaved) , it is open to everyone regardless if you ever trained at ACALÍ or not, and its is free to come to. I hope to see you at event soon!

Beir Bua,

Ainle Ó Cairealláin (Founder and Managing Director of ACLAÍ).