The Number 1 Stumbling Block for Weightlosss

I started thinking about the title for this post the when I was trying to pin-point why some people who want to get lean and lose bodyfat achieve great success, some achieve mediocre success, and others get practically no results from all their hard work. If you took 15 people, who were all on the same training program, and had similar nutrition programs, and had a similar energy expenditure each day, all would still not be equal when it comes to their results.

As a coach, it is easy for me to give someone a training program, and get them up to a certain amount of exercise per week, or have a client working at a particular intensity when in the gym. That covers the 3-4 hours that the client spends in the gym each week. But what of the 87 other waking hours in the week? The answer is, as a coach, its much harder to influence them hours than the hours that the client is in front of me. This got me thinking of the number 1 stumbling block for most people when trying to lose weight, or even those who want to get a bit leaner. I will tell you soon about this stumbling block, but first, lets have a look at some of the other basic things you must have in order to get great results from a training program.

An Assessment (and Reassessment):

I bring my clients through an assessment that addresses their movement patterns, their body composition (including body fat), blood pressure, height, weight, and specific things that they may need like lower body power, speed, specific mobility assessments, as well as a 3 day food log to assess their current dietary habits. If your not assessing, you’re guessing, and an assessment allows for a reassessment, which allows me to monitor progress.

A Training Plan:

After the assessment, a training plan is required. I tailor my training programs to suits the needs of the client. It can consist of anything between 30 minutes walking each day to 4 high intensity workouts each week with lower intensity activities on the other days. The main things are that it is challenging, fun, and effective.

A Nutrition Coaching Program:

Along with the training program, I implement a nutritonal coaching program. The program is based on taking away the limiting factors in the clients current diet one by one. A gradual change based around wholesome and healthy foods is the best way to ensure long lasting results that will give life long health benefits. I use the Precision Nutrition system, which is concentrated on eating superfoods at the right time, and in the right amount. I wont go into the detail of the nutritional coaching system here, but lets just say it works. Check out some of the client testimonials for more info in this. Which brings me neatly to the main point of this article.

The NUMBER 1 stumbling block for most people trying to lose bodyfat.

It is NOT the exercise that they are doing. It is NOT the training plan that they have. It is NOT the nutritional coaching plan. All these things are proven to work, are controlled by the coach, and are easy to follow.

The number 1 stumbling block, is the clients ADHERANCE to the program. If you want to lose weight, get lean, get strong, or achieve any worthwhile goal, you must adhere to the program. If you want to lose bodyfat, you need to be adhering to good nutrition 90% of the time, and you need to have a system in place to keep track of your adherence. Of course, knowing what good nutrition for weightloss actually entails is another thing. However, once that is in place adherence is the key. Being 100% committed for 5 days a week, then letting things slip at the weekend represents 65% adherence, which will not yield any kind of positive result. Some coaches will shrug at this, and say ‘Well, what the client does outside the gym is out of my control’. This is not the case at ACLAÍ. Clients are given a solid system for getting the best food into their bodies, along with the means of tracking their adherence to the program. Getting to 90% requires a lot of willpower, motivation, and commitment, and it requires consistent support and tracking by a good coach.

The advice in this article can be used by anyone who wants to get lean. Once the systems are in place, adherence is the key! If you want to find out more about the effective coaching systems that I offer, book in for a free consultation in our Cork facility, or email me at