The Culprit and The Victim in Your Trolley

We live in a world where the marketing and publicity surrounding the products on the shelf has a serious bearing on what we eat and what we consider to be healthy. Certain products get a bad wrap, when in fact they are as nutritious as they come, and other foods seem to be hailed as the cure for all health problems, when in fact they could be causing more harm than good. In this article, I will show you one of the biggest culprits of self-praising foods, and one victim of food discrimination.

THE CULPRIT: ‘Natural’ Yogurt. 

The term natural does not actually signify anything special about a product such as a yogurt, and definitely portrays a misleading image of a country farm producing nutritious products for the benefit of mankind. When you are selecting a yogurt from the shelf, look past the marketing mumbo jumbo that is on the front of the pot, and delve into the real information on the back-side of the pot. Is it a probiotic yogurt? Is it an organic yogurt from a certified organic source? What is the sugar content of the product? What is the fat content? These are the real issues.

The ‘Natural’ yogurt that you see on the supermarket shelf most likely has as much sugar content as its ‘non-natural’ counterpart, is not organic, and does not have active probiotic cultures. An organic yogurt will cost a bit more, but will be low in sugar, high in protein, and will be probiotic, which will help your digestive system and increase the population of friendly bacteria in the gut.

THE VICTIM: The humble Egg

Eggs have fallen fowl to claims of increased body fat, salmonella, and heart attacks if consumed daily, when in fact it would be hard to find a more nutrient dense food! More concerning to the consumer should be the quality of egg that is eaten. The Irish proverb, ‘Droch Ubh, Droch Éan’ (Bad Egg, Bad Hen’) is relevant here, and in this case makes even more sense if reversed to ‘Bad Hen, Bad Egg’. Poorly kept hens, fed on low nutrient foods, and pumped with antibiotics, will produce eggs of the exact same quality. If you are worried about the potential consequences of eating eggs, worry about where the egg came from and how the hen that supplied the egg was treated. Purchase certified organic and local eggs, and you will have for yourself a food that is full of muscle building protein, mind enriching healthy fats, and enough nutrients to keep you motoring! The Harvard School of Public Health carried out a study that highlighted the cause of the humbe egg. Poached, scrambled, boiled, in an omelette, fried, or even raw like rocky!