Strength Training for Women

This blog will mainly highlight women’s misconceptions of strength training and what the benefits of strength training are.From working in the sports industry, training as an athlete and studying sports and exercise science for the last few years I have come across many females who have a negative view on strength training. I  myself have been lifting weights for the last five years, mostly Olympic weightlifting. This is my little blog to describe  the positives that come with strength training and the misconceptions that a lot of women have on strength training.

Will I look like a muscular man?

This one is the most popular misconception that comes to mind. The answer is simple, NO. I myself weigh 55kg and I train in boxing, strength training and movement skills and I don’t think in anyway I look masculine even though I have the guns show. The only way you will get “bulky” is by eating too much or taking steroids NOT by solely lifting weights. Strength training alone will not make you masculine or muscular.

Don’t be afraid to go lift the heavy stuff.

Just because the weights section is full of males doing bicep curls doesn’t mean you can’t go over there. Grab some heavy weights and lift more than those men (with good technique of course). Don’t be a sheep and jump onto a cross trainer, go find a good strength coach or someone who looks like they know what they’re doing (someone who usually trains consistently and reads the good stuff on strength training). Go lift some weights with someone that you admire.

Strong is the new sexy.

This statement in my opinion is true, it’s not just about the way you look but there is definitely something sexy about a woman who can take care of herself and lift some heavy weights. It’s 2015, it’s great to not have to depend on a man to lift your heavy bags. And men most definitely find a strong woman sexy because the feeling of being strong on the outside transfers over to the feeling on the inside. Being physically strong helps to boost your confidence.

The positives of strength training for women.

Not only will you be getting stronger but you will grow the nicest bum you have ever had. If this isn’t a positive thing to get you started then I don’t know what will. (joke). All jokes aside, your physique will most definitely transform into somewhat of a superhero (superwoman) if you lift and eat consistently. And who might I ask does not want to look like superwoman? On a more serious note, studies have shown that strength training increases or maintains bone density, as we, women reach the menopause our bone mineral content begins to decrease so by lifting weights we can maintain good healthy bones. Lifting weights not only helps you get physically stronger but also mentally stronger. The fact that I can squat 100kg makes me feel strong and confident with my body.

Find a good strength mentor.                                                                                                                                                                                                I know how hard it is to find a good female strength  but keep in mind there are plenty of  fantastic male coaches around. If you really look you might just find a few unbelievable female strength coaches lurking around a gym, if you do grab hold of them and don't let go. Find someone who portrays qualities that you would like to have. I myself never had a female coach but whenever I found myself with a bad coach I would move on and find someone else. Plenty more fish in the sea.

More than anything else, if you want to start strength training, go for it. Enjoy it and make sure you have a good coach. Learn from the best… Be the best. Lift all the weights.

This article was written by Shakira Coonghe Bsc.