Real Health, Motivation, and Injury

Overall, getting in shape/ losing weight/ body transformation/ becoming healthier, whatever you want to call it is gawd darn hard to do, and is a mental game more than a physical game. I mean, you can download any kind of program you want online some place. You can even get the basics from the ACLAÍ website totally free. Its not the program that creates success, its your adherence to it, and the support structures that you have around you to keep you on track when things just seem like they are turning to shite. Add this to the mental torture of not being able to be as active as you would like due to an injury or some ailment and you have some major mental battles to overcome. 

No matter what the health situation, what the injury, and what goals that you would like to achieve that seem so far away right now, keeping things in perspective is the number one priority. People are being blown to pieces from the overhead rockets of some foreign force they did nothing to, living in poverty and picking through the scraps of the western world to try to salvage some of our cast away electronics and plastics, and other who are dealing with serious illness, death of a family member, or other unthinkable circumstances. Things can always be worse, and things can always get better.

Strive for a healthier body because you actually want to, and because you enjoy the pursuit. Not for beauty. You are already beautiful. Don’t wait until you have a six-pack or you can fit into those jeans again to be happy. Just look around with what you have been blessed with and be happy right now. Never mind all the bullshit and superficial materialism that you see on social media and in every crevice that the bull-shitters can stuff their 6-pack-miracle-diet-superfood-supplement-marketing-shite into. You only have one life, solook around, get on up of that thing and start making the most of the time you have here on planet earth!

So to finish the post, I am going to leave you with images from the late Leonard Nimoy's (who played Commander Spock in Start Trek) exhibition entitled 'The Full Body'. 

'Live Long and Prosper', Commander Spock