Ep 13: Peter Power On The Function Of Art In Society, And Building A Career In The Music Industry (With Special Feature From KNEECAP)

For this weeks Rebel Matters I sat down with music producer Peter Power to discuss the importance of art in our modern society and the challenges that come with building a successful career in an industry that is off the beaten path in relation to more conventional career paths.

Show notes:

  • (0:01:00) Intro

  • (0:02:00) Sponsorship

  • (0:04:10) What brought you in to the music world?

  • (0:14:20) What would you say to a younger person in your situation?

  • (0:16:10) What are some of the projects that you have been involved in over the last few years?

  • (0:17.:30) Conversation about emotional arousal and lifestyle.

  • (0:19:50) Conversation about the core function of art in society.

  • (0:22:20) Conversatoin about James Joyce Dubliners

  • (0:24:30) What would you say to someone to explain the benefit of the arts?

  • (0:28:25) Do you want people to see that art shows the potential of the human race?

  • (0:33:00) Why do you think the powers that be want to break the link between what we do day to day and the artistic process?

  • (0:37:00) Conversation about the cyclical nature of art.

  • (0:39:00) How does an artist work in both the commercial and the creative side of things?

  • (0:42.46) Conversation on the compromise that exists in the world of arts e.g Rubberbandits would have to censor material in order to perform on t.v.

  • (0:45.05) Comment on how taking a compromised sort of job not too far from your own core values can lead to an opportunity to do exactly what you want.

  • (0:46.48) When people go see a live performance, what goes on behind the scenes from an organisational perspective in terms of work-force requirements?

  • (0:52.17) How seeing local shows can give perspective to the whole organisational operation behind a live performance.

  • (0:54.18) What is the arts scene like in Cork at the minute?

  • (0:56.13) Who are the bands/musicians that are currently making moves?

  • (1:01.08) Conversation on the perspective of being an outsider living in Cork

  • (1:04.55) What is your favourite thing about Cork?

  • (1:05.36) Where do you go for coffee?

  • (1:06.05) Where's your favourite places to eat?

  • (1:07.02) If you could change one thing about Cork what would it be?

  • (1:08.07) What advice would you give to the 10 years younger version of yourself?

  • (1:09.58) Who is your inspiration and why?

  • (1:12.05) If you could work with or collaborate with anyone past or present, who would it be?

  • (1:14.20) What's your favourite book?

  • (1:15.28) Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

  • (1:16.19) What have you got coming up in the next year?

  • (1:19:16) Special feature from KNEECAP.

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