Ep12: Clare O Mahony on Making Music and The Songs of Joni Mitchell.

Cork Musician Clare O Mahony was in the Rebel Matters Hotseat today talking about her albums, what goes in to getting a show on stage, and the upcoming Songs of Joni Mitchell show at the Everyman Theatre. Today’s show also features a Rebel Matters First. Clare recorded a song for us right here in the studio and it was just out of this world, so were going to get stuck into that before the interview to get the happy vibes going! Enjoy the show.

Show Notes:

(0:01.33) Sponsorship note from Aclai

(0:02.21) Original song performed by Clare O’Mahony recorded live from Aclai.

(0:06.00) Beginning of interview.

(0:06.10) How did you start off in music?

(0:06.50) What made you pick up the guitar?

(0:07.04) Did you learn it by yourself?

(0:07.44) Playing Joni Mitchell Tribute concert on 14 Feb, was she a big influence on you?

(0:08.25) You’ve done this show before, how did it go then?

(0:08.55) What goes into organising a show like that?

(0:09.43) Is the theatre setting new to you?

(0:10.15) What is it like just before the curtain goes up?

(0:10.47) What other things have you done before this?

(0:11.25) Music sounds like a hard life to make it in, how did you find it?

(0:12.10) How do you juggle the music with having a normal life?

(0:12.58) Do you have a routine to get ready for your gigs?

(0:13.42) What goes into making an album?

(0:14.45) Comment on the creative process that goes into making anything e.g. an album.

(0:15.42) How long does it take to make an album?

(0:16.20) Did you learn anything new in between making your first and second albums?

(0:17.02) Discussion on Spotify replacing physical copies of music these days?

(0:18.55) From a financial standpoint and changes streaming sites brought, what does the future hold for music?

(0:19.57) How Spotify and Youtube can be used as a way of putting your music out to promote live gigs.

(0:20.12) Is there a gender gap in the music industry in the same way there is in other industries i.e. is it easier to make it as a man?

(0:22.00) Story on particular radio station refusing to give air time as the ‘Irish female songwriter’ genre was already accounted for.

(0:22.48) Do you feel the do you feel the gender gap is changing?

(0:23.25) In terms of role models, there’s no real message in modern music and it seems very superficial, opinion on this?

(0:25.04) Do you think there’s a music revolution to come, reminiscent of when people first started listening to The Beatles?

(0:26.00) Do you feel it’s time to start looking into local musicians more?

(0:27.38) If there was a young person who had aspirations to go into the music business what recommendations would you give them?

(0:29.00) Is there a big drive on independently produced music as opposed to a record deal?

(0:29.28) What way does your week go between work and music/rehearsals?

(0:30.10) If you could give advice to the 10 years younger version of yourself what would it be?

(0:30.50) Did the first album help you realise why you were doing music?

(0:31.40) At some stage did you ask yourself why you’re doing this?

(0:32.24) Do you have a high-point in your career thus far?

(0:32.52) What about a low point?

(0:33.35) How did you manage to get yourself out of that slump?

(0:34.03) Is there a particular person who is an inspiration to you?

(0:34.21) Is there any person/group dead or alive who you would like to collaborate with?

(0:34.53) Do you have a favourite book?

(0:35.15) Are there parts of Joni Mitchell’s life you can relate to?

(0:35.51) do you have a favourite song of hers?

(0:36.12) What is your favourite thing about Cork?

(0:36.46) If you could change anything about Cork what would it be?

(0:37.36) What else is coming up in the next year?

Cork gig: 14 February: Tickets/ Concert Info


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