ACLAÍ Receives All Star Business Accreditation

On the 12 of March 2018, ACLAÍ received a Business All-Star Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation. The presentation ceremony took place in Croke park, where we were among representatives from 90 other businesses from around Ireland who also received their accreditation.

The accreditation is nationally recognised ‘best in class’ award that we were delighted to accept in recognition of the hard work that we have put in to ACLAÍ over the last 5 and a half years to make it what it is today. It was also great to meet other people who have been on a similar journey to ourselves.

We picked up our accreditation on the back of a few key elements of our approach. The focus that we put on developing a service with the members at its centre is probably the one that sticks out for me. From our programming, coaching, and social events, it’s all about creating an experience with a difference for our members, and one that will help them achieve the goals that the have come to us for help with.

We also received special recognition for the performance of our team as a service provider to our members, the physicians, doctors, and therapists that refer their clients to us for strength, movement, rehabilitation, and health training, and also for our performance as a small local business. Over the years we have consistently improved our service and capabilities as a team, as well as worked hard to find an approach to marketing that fits with our values as an organisation. This result of this has been that we have become a trusted authority in the field that we work in.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to ACLAÍ over the years, from the members past and present, the friends that have been there to lend a hand through thick and thin (you know who you are), and the members of the ACLAÍ team both current and past that have made an invaluable contribution to the business that we have today. I would also like to tip the hat to the numerous doubters, negative nellies, and haters who we have encountered along the way who did their best to burst our bubble, as these experiences only served to make us stronger.

Today we have a personal training service that provides a world class service for people of all levels of ability on an equal footing, a team that loves what we do, and community around ACLAÍ that takes part in our frequent social events and get togethers such as the book club, movie nights, and long table lunches. We are driven by our 4 cornerstone missions of creating positive change, moving with quality, real food for real life, and leading by example. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events, check out our West Bank Gym project, and book yourself in for a complimentary consultation if you would like to start working with us!

Beir Bua,