A Few Facts About Weight Loss That You Don’t Want to Hear

Please do not be offended by any of the following points. They are merely observations on some extremely common misconceptions that I come across on a regular basis as a strength and conditioning coach who works with people who want to look fab and feel great.

That 6 week plan? Waste of time

Lets face facts, if you are carrying more weight that you would like to at the moment, it probably took you a while to put it on, maybe even a year or more, so aiming to get yourself into shape within a few weeks is unrealistic. Aim to lose weight at 0.5kg- 0.75 per week and you will sustain this over time and get to your desired weight for good, while also avoiding the yo-yo effect of short term solutions.

That video instruction course for weight loss? Please

What you need is not to dance around in front of the TV for 10-30 minutes a day. If you have let yourself get out of shape, its because of a poor relationship with food, a negative attitude to exercise, and poor lifestyle habits. These may be harsh words, but 99% of the time they are true. You need wholesale change. Doing star-jumps in the living room will burna few calories, but that’s only 1 element of a complex picture that you need to sort out. Fact.

Lifting weights will not make you ‘bulky’….just lean.

When you lift weights, you will build muscle, and in turn you will burn fat. Fat cannot turn to muscle. Its impossible. That’s like turning an apple into a pen. You want to build muscle, because you want to be lean. If you want to be lean, you need to do strength training. Oh, and if you want healthy joints, strong bones, good balance, and a strong back….yep, strength training does that too. 'Cardio' will not do this.

No, you have not tried everything to lose weight.

I can forgive you for this one in some ways, but take it from me, you have not ‘tried everything’. I train people in a way that work all the time, 100%. If you stick to our system of nutrition (which is simple), and our training programs (which are effective), and you stay the course, you will get results.

Them pills/ supplements/ bars that you splashed out on…..they wont work.

Refer to point 1. You need wholesale change. You need to adopt healthy nutrition habits. You need to eat in a way which you can keep going for the rest of your life, and will support your goals. Supplements are so far on the tip of the iceberg, that most of us will never need a supplement, despite what the supplement companies will tell you. This is true, but go an blow your money on supplements if you want to.

Yes, it is that simple, you just haven’t done it yet.

Get a postage stamp and write this down. I’m going to give you the secret of ultimate weight loss. No joke.

  1. Eat wholefoods (mostly meat and vegetables)
  2. Be active in some way shape or form
  3. Do some strength training a few times per week
  4. Whatever you do, stick with it for 16 weeks at least.

Yes, you do have the time to eat healthy and exercise.

Let me rephrase this one for you with a question. Do you have the time to be a diabetic, or get a triple by pass, or be out of breath every time you try to walk up a set of stairs? No, I didn’t think so. Get active now, right now, and you will start to notice that you will have more energy, think clearer, probably live longer, and enjoy life more. Let this be your call to action. The moment that you decided to get off your backside and take control of your situation. Take immediate action, then make a plan, then stick to it. It can be done, and we do it at ACLAÍ Health and Performance every single day of the week.

This Article is By Ainle Ó Cairealláin MSc CSCS