6 Ways to Make Sure You Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is essential if you want to havestrong and lean body, but more importantly, it is crucial in just about every human function from concentration, digestion, contraction, relaxation, blood flow, and mood. Drinking enough water every day should be so obvious that you should presently be rolling around on the ground at the very thought of having a full blog post dedicated to something so essential to our continued existence. If you are not busy laughing your head off, and are still here, it means you need more water in your life. Here are 6 ways you can edge up the amount of water that you drink without having to let it take over your every thought.

1. Drink a pint in the morning. 

As soon as you get up, rinse out your mouth and drink a pint of water. If you are aiming to get 2 litres of water in during the day (which you should do at a minimum), then you are already one quarter of the way there.

2. Buy a HUGE bottle

If you are like me, and you enjoy keeping things as absolutely simple as possible, buy a 2.2 litre bottle of water like this one, and drink its contents every day. Simples.

3. Piggyback with each meal

If you eat 4 meals per day, drink 1 pint at each meal, that’s 2 litres and you are winning. Drink some more during your training session and make a habit of this.

4. Flavour the water

If you are out of practice with drinking water, it can help to add a few mint leaves or cucumber slices to the water to give it a bit of flavour. Cordials are full of sugar and other nasty stuff, so I would not advise these, but keeping a big jug of mint infused water is as refreshing as it comes!

5. Herbal Tea

Sometimes I fill up a just of water with boiling water and a few herbal tea bags. When I am working away on the laptop, the warm drink is just the ticket to keep me going, with the added benefit of topping up my hydration and getting the goodness of a quality herbal tea as well.

6. Sweat it up

If you struggle with water, then working up a sweat at the gym can be just the thing to get you back on track. When I am training and especially during tough sessions, the body just craves water during and after the session.

This article is by Ainle Ó Cairealláin MSc CSCS.