10 Ways You Can Burn Fat Without Even Knowing It

At ACLAÍ Health and Performance, we pride ourselves on our coaching, and our programs, and of course the results of our clients. However, when it comes to burning fat, and getting into shape, a lot of the responsibility lies with the clients themselves to work towards their goals when they are not training at our facility.

You might train 4 times in the gym. That’s 4 hours. 4 Hours out of the 168 hours in the week, which by my calculation is 2.3% of your time. That leaves a whole lot of time for things to go south even if you are on a cutting edge training program. Nutrition plays a big part in making your fat loss journey a success, but you also need to get into a health orientated positive mindset. This can be difficult, especially if you are currently in a cycle of driving, working, eating out, and watching too much telly. So I have put together 10 simple tips for you that will help you burn fat without even knowing it.

1. Always take the stairs.

This seems like an obvious one, but all them stairs will eventually add up, and bring your fitness level up a notch, as well as firing up the biggest muscles in your body to burn away fat.

2. Park a distance from the door

One of the biggest problems that people have when starting out on a new healthy lifestyle is that there doesn’t seem to be much time in the day. Park your car in the farthest spot form the door in the car park and walk across. If you are shopping then its even better because you will get a bit of strength work done carrying your bags or pushing the trolley back to the car!

3. Walk to the shop

When the milk has run out and you need a cup of tae, the tendency can be to jump in the car and scoot over to the siopa. Give yourself a few minutes to power walk over and back from the shop, and your fat burning furnace will be back in full flow!

4. Go for a really quick walk before your breakfast

When you get up in the morning, you will be in a fasted state as you will not have eaten for at least 8 hours. This is a great time to get out for a 10-20 brisk walk, and will fire up that fat burning furnace to set you up for a marvellous day!

5. Make a standing workstation

This one comes with a whole host of benefits from helping to reinforce good posture, to keeping you that bit more active during the day. We have several standing work stations at ACLAÍ, and they come in very handy when you just don’t feel like sitting down!

6. Stand up and walk around during the day

If you are sitting at a desk all day make sure to get up and about at least every 30 minutes. Prime opportunity to get some brain relaxation time, grab a sip of water at the water cooler, converse with colleagues, and stretch out the legs. It will also keep the muscles working which in turn will help your fat burning capabilities!

7. Sit on the floor

Instead of panning out on the sofa for the evening, try sitting on the floor for a while. You will certainly move around a bit more, and avoid getting seat-posture, which comes from sitting down loo long!

8. Use a basket at the shopping centre instead of a trolley

OK, this one cant happen all the time, but if you are only picking up a few bits and pieces, why not just grab a basket and carry it around the shop instead of getting the trolley out. Not always as convenient, but carrying the basket doubles up as a bit of a core workout.

9. Walk to the next bus stop

If you happen to catch the bus to work/ school/ college etc, get to the next bus stop down the road and take the bus from there instead of going for the closest stop. You can get off a stop before your destination as well. It all counts!

10. Do something mentally stimulating

Concentration requires energy, and it can also reinvigorate. Do some puzzles, draw a nice picture, or write somebody a letter. Even read a book, or play some music. In fact why not get off the internet right now and do something productive and healthy!


This Article is By Ainle Ó Cairealláin MSc CSCS