Places to eat, drink, visit, and to chill out in Cork

A significant amount of our members are new to Cork, so just thought I would put together a quick list of places to visit, eat, drink, visit and chill out in to get them started on enjoying the lovely city that is Cork! What else would you add to the list below?! Ainle


  1. Alchemy

  2. Filter

  3. Soma

  4. The Bookshelf (South Mall and Eleysian)

  5. Doppio 


  1. Corner House

  2. O'Sho

  3. The Roundy

  4. Tom Barry's

  5. The Spyglass Tavern


  1. Pompeii Pizza

  2. Palmento Pizza

  3. Haveli Indian

  4. Jaques

  5. Iyres

  6. Market Lane

  7. Elbow Lane


  1. Rocketman

  2. Orso

  3. Boojum

  4. The Olive Stand

  5. Farmgate Café

  6. Quay Co-Op


  1. Fitzgerald Park

  2. Cork Public Museum

  3. Cork City Gaol

  4. Shandon Tower

  5. Crawford Art Gallery 

  6. St Finbarrs Cathedral

  7. Blackrock Observatory

  8. Elizabethan Fort

Days Away From the City

  1. Kinsale

  2. Ballycotton Cliff Walk

  3. Gouganne Barrra

  4. Ardmore cliff walk

  5. Farran Woods

  6. Killarney National Park

  7. Ballyhoura Trails (Walking and Mountain biking)

  8. Doneraile WildlifePark

  9. The Blarney Stone (and surrounding park)

  10. Dzogchenbeara (meditation centre)

Walks around the city

  1. Lee Fields

  2. Old Railroad in Blackrock

  3. Atlantic Pond

  4. Ballincollig Regional Park

Gig Venues

  1. Opera House

  2. Cyprus Avenue

  3. Dali

  4. Spailpín Fánach

  5. Upstairs of the Roundy

  6. The Triskal Arts Centre

  7. Cork Arts Theatre


  1. English Market

  2. Neighbour Food

  3. Douglas Farmers Market (Saturday)

  4. Coal Quay Market (Saturday)

  5. Mahon Farmers Market (Thursday)

Cork Websites

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