ACLAÍ Inclusion Policy


We are committed to the equal treatment of people with disabilities when it comes to their participation in sport and physical activity. At ACLAÍ, we strongly believe that every individual has the right to take part in an enjoyable form of physical activity, and receive the professional services of our Coaching team on an equal basis regardless of having a disability or not.

In line with this belief and policy, we endeavour to meet all of the following criteria for all of our members regardless of level of ability:

Inclusion Policy for Members

  • Provide Accessible parking, changing and toilet areas, and training facility for all our members

  • Work to  develop a suitable training program for each individual person and their unique needs.

  • Provide a integrated approach to personal training for each members regardless of ability wherever possible.

  • Treat every individual member with respect and professionalism.

Inclusion Policy as an Organisation

  • Adopt an inclusive approach across the entire organisation and in our interaction with organisations and individuals, and promote such an approach with others that we work with.

  • Include the voice of persons with disabilities in our deliberations and program development.

  • Constantly explore who we can further serve our members who are living with disabilities, and raise awareness of relevant issues in our community.

  • Provide equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities who express  an interest in working with us.

  • Support the ongoing education and training of our team to provide additional professional development qualifications for our team, and further opportunities for participation and progress for our members.

  • Review our accessibility and inclusivity policies and infrastructures on a regular basis to seek to  make constant improvements