Bringing Personal Training In Cork To A New Level

Who Are We?

ACLAÍ’, pronounced ‘ack-lee’ is the Irish word for fit, or athletic. We are a personal training company with a difference, located in the Crawford Business Park in Cork City. Our team is made up of talented and committed coaches with a strong background in sport and exercise sciences. Our mission is to help you as our client achieve your goals, and to build a world class coaching team. We have 4 major cornerstones to our approach, which include:

  • Coaching Quality Movement

  • Real Food for Real Life

  • Creating Positive Change

  • Leading By Example

Approach to Training and Nutrition

Our training approach is influenced by the world of strength and conditioning, gymnastics training, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, bodyweight training, movement training, kettlebell training, and additional methods that we have been exposed. It boils down to providing our members with a program that fits with their individual goals and level of ability, and allows them to progress in the most effective way. Our training sessions are generally 60 minutes long, and are always under the guidance of an ACLAÍ coach. Each member at ACLAÍ has their own individualised training program. Most of the training is performed with a maximum of 4 members and 1 coach, so that every members gets the coaching and attention that they need to improve in every session. We also do some 1-1 coaching, depending on the needs of the member. Our approach to food is based on building positive habits that will bring long term success, while avoiding the feeling of being on a restrictive diet. Over the years we have established a great relationship with local farmers, chef’s, and producers, and we love to encourage people to buy high quality, locally produced foods. In a world full of fast food, we prefer slow food! As a coaching team, we invest heavily in our personal and professional development, and do everything we can to walk the walk and follow the same advice that we provide for our members. 

The ACLAÍ Social Project

At ACLAÍ we work towards much more than simply getting physically strong, and providing a great personal training service to our members. Our coaching team are dedicated and professional coaches, and we work hard to keep on getting better at what we do. However, we also believe that we are in a great position to create a positive change within our community. In our centrally located training facility, we host long table lunches, book club meetings, movie nights, and social get-toegthers to promote this positive change. The vast majority of the events that we hold as part of our 'social project' are open to all, not just our members, and are usually free of charge. 

Who We Work With?

Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with people from all walks of life. Our members usually fit into one of the four following categories:

  1. Athletes training with us to compliment their sports performance

  2. People who want to lose weight or get generally fit

  3. Members who are returning from an injury and/or operation

  4. People who have restricted mobility issues due to medical conditions or disabilities.

Our membership has ranged from the Cork Senior Football team, national and international level athletes in various sports such as triathlon, running, and swimming, the Rebel Wheelers Multi-Sport Group, hip and knee replacements patients, post -back operation patients, any many more people in-between whom we were able to help achieve their goals. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to work with such a wide vairiety of members at ACLAÍ. 

Therapist/ Physician Connections

We have a built a strong connection with many physiotherapist, GP's and a select few consultants in Cork who refer patients to us for rehabilitation work after injury or operation, and people who need a helping hand to get fit for medical reasons. We communicate with all referring physicians on a regular basis to provide updates on how their patients are doing, and work hard to maintain very high standards of service and communication. 

Our Team

Since we opened our doors in 2013, we have worked hard to build a world class coaching team at ACLAÍ, to provide the highest possible standard of personal training to our members. Check out the section on our team HERE to learn more about the people behind ACLAÍ.

If you would like to find our how we can help you with your health and fitness, sports performance, or injury rehabilitation, you can click on the link below to book a 1-1 consultation with one of our team. During your consultation you can discuss your goals and work out a realistic and effective plan to achieve them.