If your scales were a boyfriend, you could not be criticised for bringin’ his ass onto Ricky Lake and dumpin’ that zero to get yourself a hero! Womens fitness in Cork is one of our big passion’s here at ACLAÍ, and we love getting great results for all our clients. One of the first things that we address at ACLAÍ when it comes to women’s fitness is how the scales are very bad indicators of progress. In this article we equate the scales to a bad boyfriend. Here’s why:


He will lie to you

Some say the scales don’t lie. Well at ACLAÍ we don’t believe that for one single moment! You see, muscle weighs way more than fat. You could literally work your butt off and lose 10kg of fat, and at the same time add 10kg of muscle. This would result in being the same weight on the scales, but looking totally different in the flesh. Your clothes will fit better, you will have more energy, and you will be a fat burning machine! So don’t always believe the fibs that the scales tell you!



He will break your self confidence

Some people really depend on the comfort of the number on the scales getting smaller each day. This logic is flawed. You don’t need to weigh yourself every morning, every week, or even ever! What you really need is to adopt healthy nutrition and exercise habits and let the magic happen. Spend more time worrying about having fun and enjoying eating healthy and being active, and less time feeling sorry for yourself when your bodyweight goes up a pound or two. To put things in perspective for any of you that weigh in on a regular basis, 1 liter of water is 1 kg (about 2lbs). So if you happen to be well hydrated on a particular day before a weight in, your bodyweight will be up! This could trigger panic stations in most ladies, when in fact you are much healthier and way more likely to burn fat when well hydrated. You should be giving yourself a clap on the back as opposed to a slap in the face!


He will never comfort you when your feeling low

Does the scale act as some sort of strange magnet when you are feeling low? This is the power of attraction in full flow. When you don’t feel great, you will be attracted to other things that will make you feel even lower. The scales is one of these things. If you have one around the house you might be tempted to jump up in the morning time when you don’t feel great. Low and behold, you are up a pound and all of a sudden your decide to cut back on the food you eat that day which makes you feel even worse, then you are very hungry so you over eat at a later stage, and the scales go up a bit more, etc. etc. You get the picture. The bottom line is you need to get rid of the scales and stick to the things that are scientifically proven to make you feel better. Exercising, socializing, laughing, and eating healthily!


He will tell you that you have a big bum in those pants!

This goes right back to point one. Muscle weighs more than fat. I know you don’t want to build big bulky muscles, but the bottom line is that performing proper strength training and eating well will build you a long lean and attractive figure. You will build curves, and feel awesome. The scales however, will just tell you that your butt looks big in those pants, and nobody wants that! Dump those scales and focus on the real things in life! Strong is the new thin!


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