Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried and failed before? If you have answered yes, it’s probably because you have been missing a key part of the puzzle. Something that most ‘weight loss gurus’ will NOT tell you.

First of all, lets cover what you already know.

You know that you have let yourself fall out of shape for one reason or another. You probably fit into one of these categories:

  1. You work long hours and have very little spare time.
  2. You had a baby and neglected to look after yourself.
  3. You got injured and stopped being active.
  4. You can’t seem to find the motivation to get into shape.


The next thing that you know is that losing weight has something to do with nutrition and the food you eat. You are right. Check out this article on more about this subject.

You also know that you need to do some form of exercise regularly to get yourself into shape. Correct. More on this HERE.


Now, this is what you don’t know!

You don’t know it, because the ‘weight loss’ industry would like you to think that their product/ program/ pill/ DVD/ equipment is a one-way ticket to statuesque physique. ‘Just 5 minutes a day can give you washboard abs!’ ‘Get your beach body in just 6 weeks!’ Sound familiar?!


What you don’t know is that losing weight is hard work. It takes courage, consistency, and time. When you are out of shape or overweight, it takes a lot of courage to seek help from a professional. Your confidence is low, you feel vulnerable, your self-esteem is waning, and you know that things will have to change if you want to feel like your healthy self again. The hardest steps are always the first. Reaching out and taking action is a brave step that can change your life. To someone who has no problem with how they look, something like going for a jog or going to the gym is nothing. Water of a ducks back. However, for someone who is unhappy with his or her weight, venturing outside for a jog or cycle, or going to the gym can be a daunting experience. For someone stuck in a cycle of poor nutrition, bringing change into the daily routine could be their worst nightmare! Those of us who are in shape would do well to remember this, and also remember that a little encouragement for someone who is on the path to a new healthy lifestyle can do them the world of good.

Good nutrition is SIMPLE, but changing how you habitually eat is NOT EASY. You need some basic principles to follow and you need to stick with them consistently.

Being active is every day is SIMPLE, but making a habit of it in your everyday life is NOT EASY. It has taken you years to build up your current nutrition and exercise habits, so it’s going to take you a while to build new habits. You need support, and a goal to strive towards, and the courage to keep your goal in mind and not give up until you reach that goal.

In this day and age, you can be forgiven for getting upset with yourself for not looking like a supermodel after 6 weeks of some obscure form of exercise or supplement taking. Or for putting the weight back on after you have finished your course of <insert product here>. You see, companies want to sell you the dream of being in shape in quick-time, and more often that not, the promise does not live up to reality because the marketers jazzed it up to seem like it is too good to be true! They want your money, and that is about all. I want to bring you into the reality of weight loss. You CAN do it, and you CAN achieve the goals that you aspire to. The sooner you take the following points on board the sooner you will get there.

1.     Getting in shape requires long-term commitment.
2.     It takes a lot of courage to realize #1 and get started on the path.
3.     Good nutrition is SIMPLE but NOT EASY.
4.     It requires work and commitment to change your habits.
5.     With the right support and guidance, you CAN get in shape no matter how bad the situation.


Let me give you one example. One of my first ‘weight loss’ clients was Vickie Thompson. Vickie had been to other personal trainers and tried other ways of getting into shape before, but they did not work. Vickie told me herself that coming in to speak with me on day one way a terrifying experience, and she did not even know how she did it or what she was even doing there. However she did know that it was time for action, and time for change. Vickie had let herself get out of shape, and was at rock bottom in terms of body image and self confidence. I recall in the early months, Vickie would did not even want to go for a walk in case any of her neighbors spotted her. Bit by bit Vickie pulled herself out of that place, and into the light. She changed her nutrition habits bit by bit, and started getting the exercise in. Bravery and courage prevailed, and less that one year later, the results were speaking for themselves. Click here to se more on Vickie’s success story.





Since then, we have helped countless people get back to their confident selves, and get into shape by guiding them through the principles outlined in this article. The only question that remains is:


Do you have the courage to start out on your own journey?


This Article is By Ainle Ó Cairealláin MSc CSCS

Ainle is Owner of ACLAÍ Health and Performance, and  strength and conditioning coach for the Cork Senior Football team. In the past he has worked with Adelaide Crows Football Club in Australia, lectured in the University of Limerick PE and Sports Science Department, has contributed to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, and also works as a tutor with Strength and Conditioning Institute, Setanta College.