I started training with Ainle on October 2012. The reason I started training with Ainle was because I badly needed to lose weight and to feel better in myself. At this point I was in the depths of depression over my weight and I knew I needed to do something about it.

I have trained in other clubs before but never reached my goals as I always gave up. Training with Ainle has been the best experience of my life as I am training everyday in the gym and I also took up running whoch is something I thought I would never be able to do. Now I run 5km everyday. Since starting training with Ainle, the benefits have been uynreal. I am now halfway to my target weight and I feel fantastic and look great! My whole family have also benifited from Ainles coaching with me, as they are also now eating much healthier. Lets just say they are getting more then their ‘5 a day’, instead of 5 takeaways a week!

The difference between Ainle and other trainers that I have worked with is that he has really made me realize that my diet was so important and that I needed to change my lifestyle if I wanted to reach my goal.Gone are the days for mr now that I feel guilty about what I eat as I am eating properly for the first time in my life.

What I love about training with Ainle is when I am deepo into a session and I feel like giving up and saying ‘I can’t’, Ainle’s moto is ‘No, I can’ts in this gym’. So now when I am swinging the 20kg kettlebell, and I fee like giving up, I am saying ‘I can, and I will’.

Without Ainle’d help and support I wouldn’t be at this stage today in my life where I am the fittest that I have ever been. Ainle knew I had it in me and he pushed me hard to believe it and thankfully I am in a better place in all aspects of my life to to his unreal coaching.

To anyone out there feeling like I was before I started training with Ainle, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with him and start a training program because of everything that he has taught me over the past 5 months. My family have their mum, and my husband has his wife back smiling again. As my husband says ‘ I have my wife back again’. But more importantly than that, I feel like I have myself back again.

I am enjoying life now, and I am not afraid to let people see my new look as I look and feel great. Ainle, from myself and from my family, thatnk you so much for giving me my life back again. I wouldn’t have done it without you.