I’ve done S&C work for years at home with some of it geared towards ‘pre-hab’, but I was drawn towards the functional movement system (FMS) assessment so that I could realize and correct current muscle imbalances. Having had previous injuries related to muscle imbalance, I felt this would proactively ensure I was optimally conditioned before my training volume ramps up for the triathlon season ahead in 2013.

My training goals were to increase my mobility, agility and conditioning while addressing any muscle imbalances and broaden my repertoire of mobility exercises. I improved my FMS a good degree (15 to 18). Not only did the numbers bear this result, but I also felt stronger and I felt that I had increased my hip, glute and groin mobility. My body comp improved over the 6wks too. I maintained a steady weight while decreasing my body fat; i.e., I was able to increase my muscle mass. I did this with some small diet changes but more so the S&C work.

I always feel like Ainle is looking after my specific S&C needs. I feel properly trained and more educated about proper S&C. I take pride telling others that Ainle is my S&C coach. On top of knowing his stuff, he brings serious motivation and enthusiasm to each session. Sometimes it was tough to have the drive/energy to do a workout considering it would be our third session of the day, but he was always fired up about out sessions and his enthusiasm was infectious.

Working with Ainle has been an education. I have a better understanding and appreciation for warming up, doing mobility work and the importance of proper strength work technique. I can take what I’ve learned with Ainle to build upon my previous S&C work.

The gym is very well organized and the members are very respectful, both to others training around them and to the equipment (i.e., maintaining condition and putting equipment back when complete with sets). The space is not huge, but with the respect demonstrated by its members it makes the space feel larger and more functional than other gyms, which might have twice the square footage. Having worked out there for 10+ weeks, it is clear that Ainle is responsible this culture in the gym.

I feel 100% better and more confident about my S&C. I know that some of my muscle imbalances are not completely fixed, but they are much better than before I started working with Ainle. The body surely feels better in and out of sessions (swim/bike/run) having added his sessions to my program. WRT the season…time will tell, but I have every reason to believe that working Ainle given me a unique advantage.