It isn’t just in the hot summer months that you need to think about your water intake. In winter it is vital to keep drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Our Nutritionist in Cork knows it is tempting to over do the sugary hot chocolates and milky coffees to stay warm when it gets cold outside, but, instead opt for nutritious and filling vegetable soups that you can prepare at home and take to work, then reheat for that burst of energy when you usually get your afternoon slump.

Think about all the yummy winter veg you’re going to be seeing on your Christmas dinner plate and start trying to incorporate more carrots, peas, parsnips and potatoes in to your evening meals. They will slowly release energy that leaves you feeling full while helping to fight off all the colds, flu’s and bugs that are going around this time of year.

Don’t forget fruit! Our Nutritionist in Cork says ‘pass the cranberries!’ Although lots of store bought jars of cranberry sauce are full of added sugars which aren’t so great for your heart or waistline, a bowl of cranberries on top of your morning porridge makes for a fantastic and nutritious start to the day.

Want to steer clear of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)? Then fill up on fish. The omega oils and vitamin D that you’re lacking from the reduced sunlight will be topped up by this high protein food. Make a hearty fish pie with a side of root vegetables for a high energy and healthy winter meal.

Good news- chocolates are good for you! Well, not all and certainly not a whole box, but a few dark chocolates from that box taunting you from the back of the cupboard isn’t going to hurt, in fact a little dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure!

Look after yourself this winter to avoid the passing colds and coughs with this simple advice from our nutritionist in Cork!