My health and fitness goal when I joined ACLAÍ was to improve my strength and mobility, and to work on areas of weakness. Having had four injuries keeping me out of action the previous four years, injury prevention was a key goal. Ultimately my major goal was and is to improve my athletic performances over all distances from 1500m to 10,000m. What I enjoy most about training at ACLAÍ is the individualized training that I receive. I’ve had experience of three coaches, Ciaran, Ainle and Shane and have found that their expertise, personalities and professional approach is definitely what keeps me coming back. I also enjoy the squad sessions which provides variety to the training. My diet was the area I struggled with the most when starting my training with ACLAÍ. It was the hardest to change but slowly I have seen a huge lifestyle shift in my eating habits. I now include protein with every meal. I have increased my fat and iron intake and cut out most gluten from my diet. This has had a profound impact on my blood results taking my ferritin from 12 to 42 in a year!

My greatest achievements since training with ACLAÍ have been on the track and the road. I set a new personal best in almost every distance I ran last year.

To someone who was considering training at ACLAÍ, I would say that you get a professional, individualized and caring approach to your training. It is worth investing time and money in the short term for the long term lifestyle and physical benefits you gain from training here. I prefer to let the evidence speak for itself and the evidence for me is the improvements I’ve made in my sport, athletics and the fact that I have had zero injuries since I have started with ACLAÍ.