Ensuring that an athlete undergoes event specific training is paramount when preparing for competition and Aclai’s athletes training in Cork follows this principle. In the sphere of athletics, as an example, there are a wide range of disciplines, and the differences are reflected in the physiques of the athletes themselves. Sprinters, with their heavily-muscled frames, need to specifically train to increase their explosive power out of the blocks and maintain their speed, whereas middle and especially long distance runners are usually slightly built athletes, with very lean musculature, who will follow schedules predominantly aimed at increasing their VO2 max and aerobic efficiency instead.

Athletes training in Cork with Aclai reflects this diversity of events and sports undertaken, with the coach following carefully prepared training programmes on an individual basis, taking into account the physiological requirements of the athlete and the specific sport or event, the athlete’s current fitness level, biological age, and “training age”: the length of time the athlete has been undertaking both general fitness and event-specific training. Working with the athlete at all stages of planning and delivery of the programme, the coach will continually monitor progress to ensure the planned work outs are relevant to the particular sport and are challenging enough to allow for progression, rather than stagnation or regression.

The programmes undertaken by Aclai’s athletes training in Cork follows the principle of working through a number of training phases to reach the peak competition period, when all the training undertaken, from general fitness work through to event specific training will take place. Throughout each phase, the athlete will gradually build skills and fitness under the guidance of a coach, working with the athlete to ensure that the athlete understands the aim of each work out and the expected training effects. It is through a continual dialogue process that the athlete and coach adjust the training workload to help the athlete prepare for competition without fear of illness or injury from over-training.