My ultimate goal is to get to the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. What I enjoy most about training at ACLAÍ is that the coaches are very friendly and helpful. Since joining ACLAÍ I broke the Munster record in the 50 Backstroke (which stood for 16 years). I also broke 2 senior club records in the 50 Backcrawl in both Long Course (50m) and Short Course (25m). Last summer, I also came second overall in the 1.9km Sandycove island challenge which was great experience in racing open water for the first time.

To someone who was considering training at ACLAÍ I would say go for it because they have great facilities! Also, they don’t start off with large weights which I found good as it built up my strength first and helped me control my body weight better which is good for swimming.

Diarmaid McAuliffe – Ross’s Father

Ross joined ACLAÍ in order to increase his strength, maintain his flexibility and prevent injury. With the demands of swimming it was important that Ross didn’t join a regular gym where he wouldn’t have the attention to detail you get at ACLAÍ. Ross gets on really well with all the coaches and other members and it’s great to see him mix and chat with other athletes and to see other athletes achieve their goals through hard work and dedication. At ACLAÍ, everyone’s work ethic is amazing!

Since training at ACLAÍ, Ross has gained in confidence and continues to set Personal Best times at each Gala, from an athletes perspective you can’t ask for anything more. For anyone who is considering training at ACLAÍ, I would highly recommend it, you wont regret it!