Ronan Foley – Sprinter and ACLAÍ Client of the Month July 2014

My main health and fitness goals when I first joined ACLAÍ were to improve on my posture and specifically, to get stronger for track running sprint events and to sort out my nutrition. The thing I enjoy the most about training at ACLAÍ is learning new techniques of training from all the ACLAI team with regards to mobility and different strength exercises. Each and every one of the ACLAÍ coaches are very attentive and push you beyond what you think you are capable of. They will always answer your questions and will research the subject and get back to you if necessary. The staff are superb, the knowledge they share will help you in your everyday life and  also in your sporting life.

My greatest achievements from training at ACLAÍ have been, I can perform full movement pistol squats to the floor and didn’t think I would when I first started! I dropped my body fat down by nearly 2% from in just4 months. Following the advice of the ACLAÍ coaches by going gluten free was hard but I feel the benefits and have more energy for life in general. I learned that drinking a lot of water is a must and staying away from processed sugars for the most part is definitely a good idea!

For anyone thinking of joining ACLAÍ I would say, if you’re serious about your goals whether its in sports or health, you’ll benefit massively and you’ll have no regrets !!! JOIN NOW!