I find the training at ACLAÍ fantastic. It’s very good for trimming up and keeping you supple and helping you with stretches. I’ve been here for over 9 months and I’m still at it! The thing I enjoy the most is how good I feel after sessions. It’s not overpowering but you do feel that you’ve done something to help your body age gracefully. I feel overall that I’m much fitter, I can walk better, run up and down the stairs and the small things that at my age I had found difficult to do before are now much easier for me now. I’m seeing the benefits too in my golfing. My swing has improved greatly and I’m getting much more distance. ACLAÍ is not like a normal gym where you’re ‘pumping iron’, it’s much more accessible for everyone, and you’re not pressurised. You go as far as you need to go and sometimes the coaches will push you because they know that you can do it, but that’s better for you. I’m definitely giving the younger people a run for their money!