My ultimate health and fitness goals when I joined ACLAÍ was to get my body into better shape (lose body fat/gain strength/tone up) and to fix some existing injuries that I had. What I enjoy most about being an ACLAÍ member is the coaching. It’s very reassuring to know I’m doing the right type of training and my technique is what it should be to get the best results possible. This helps me to stay motivated and train harder as I know the results will come with the required amount of effort.

My greatest achievement from training at ACLAÍ was reducing my body fat percentage which was a highlight for me but also, the steady improvements in strength and technique have been very satisfying! To someone who was considering training at ACLAÍ, I would say they need to be willing to put in the hard yards. ACLAÍ provides the know-how, equipment and structure but to get the results, you need to follow their instructions, put in the effort and not take short cuts!