I’d injured my back about eighteen months before joining ACLAÍ, and had gotten progressively heavier, lazier and generally unhealthier. I was keen to find somewhere that’d help me achieve my goal which was to just get fitter in general.  What I enjoy the most about being an ACLAÍ member is definitely the community in the gym itself. You only hear from most gyms when your bill is due. In ACLAÍ, they go out of their way to design a program that is unique for you, as well as help you take the steps to achieving your goals. From pushing you to achieve your goals, to the friendly online forums where you can ask for advice, there’s definitely a sense of community in the gym that’s missing from other gyms I’ve been in, where you’re just another number on the cross trainer.

I’ve lost about 10kg (so far) and made great strides in mobility, cardiovascular fitness, sleep, nutrition and general health. The best part is the sense that it’s only the start – in ACLAÍ they really go out of their way to get the point across that being healthy is a long-term choice, and not a short-term fad programme. I thought it was a bit expensive at the start, and thought I’d give it a month. That was seven months ago, and I’m still going strong. I think the results speak for themselves, so I’d encourage anyone who’s thinking about training at ACLAÍ to give it a go!