I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast but for about 5 months previous to the ACLAÍ 30/30 challenge I had been stuck in a rut. My fitness levels had dropped, my physique had changed for the worse and my overall motivation to be active was at an all time low. The ACLAÍ 30/30 challenge is a genius idea and was the exact kickstart I needed. The very word ‘challenge’ appealed to my competitive nature and I was immediately intrigued by the thought of exercising everyday and pushing myself in ways I had never done before. My overall goal that I set for myself was to be fit and healthy while decreasing my body fat and increasing my muscle mass.

After the very first week something changed in me. I had more energy just day-to-day, whereas before I would feel tired quite a bit for no obvious reason. I now realise just how big a part diet and exercise play in my overall energy levels. The guys at ACLAÍ have instilled in me the knowledge thats it’s all about a healthy balance with your exercise, diet and lifestyle. Their nutritional guidance is truly invaluable. All the ‘healthy’ things I was doing previously turned out to be not so healthy. Small changes in your day-to-day habits (with your nutrition in particular) make a huge difference in the grand scheme. I cannot stress enough how much a high protein diet has changed my life forever!

The training sessions in the ACLAÍ gym are not easy but as the saying goes ‘nothing in life worth having ever comes easy’. Everyone has their own unique goals and the sessions really cater for everyone. If the guys ever felt that I could be working a bit harder or pushing myself a bit further then they would let me know by asking me to either try an exercise at a more difficult level or to use a heavier weight. I always left the sessions feeling like I had just accomplished something really great. The guys always ensured that I was completing the exercises correctly and I was working the muscles I was supposed to. The great thing about a lot of the exercises they have shown me is that they can also be completed at home. So for me this was an eye opener, there really is no excuse for not exercising if you really want to.

One word I would use to sum up ACLAÍ Health and Performance would be ‘unique’. I’ve been very sporty all my life, I have taken part in numerous training programmes through various sports, worked with numerous trainers and worked out in many gyms but I have never experienced any service that even comes close to what Ainle and the guys at ACLAÍ provide.

Both Ainle and Ciarán are very passionate about their work and really are experienced experts in the overall area of sports science. You can see that they aren’t doing this just to pay the bills which, in my eyes, sets them apart from others. They really love what they do, helping you reach your goals no matter what they may be, and that sincerity and knowledge comes through in every one of their workout sessions. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending them to anyone! I am incredibly grateful for all they have done for me.

I am so happy with my results after these 30 days. Working with the guys at ACLAÍ has been a absolute pleasure and I look forward to continuing my training with them. For me and my personal journey this is just the beginning. There is no going back now, I feel great, I feel fit, I feel healthy and I feel like me again!