Finding places that serve whole, tasty, nutritious, and inviting food can be a challenge, and it can take time to get to know the places that you can go to find food that will satisfy your hunger, and keep you right on track with your training. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a short review on Coq-Bull in French Church Street, which is a gem of a place, and now the Quay Co-Op rightly takes its place on the ACLAÍ list of places you can go to for the good stuff!


First of all. Let me say this; I am not a vegetarian. At least not for 6 days of the week. However, my Sunday ritual has increasingly involved going to the vegetarian Quay Co-Op on Sullivan’s Quay in Cork City for a relaxing lunch overlooking the river Lee, and watching Cork City awaken slowly but surely from the antics of Saturday night.


The Quay Co-Op have recently renovated, and the new look restaurant is an improvement on what was already a friendly and character filler eatery. The rooms are light and spacious, and decorated with ever changing art displays, and the atmosphere is friendly, and relaxed. In the winter they have a fire on the go, and ‘light and airy’, turns into ‘warm and cozy’.


The fare is vegetarian, but is so wholesome and filling that you will not miss the meat from your plate. Coming from a self professed carnivore, this is a big statement. My favorite meal is the nut burger, served with a lovely bun, 2 sides, and a salad. They also serve a wide variety of teas, good coffee, cakes, salads, and have a pretty awesome menu. If you are a vegan, or coeliac, they will hook you up, and while your are there, the health food shop downstairs is well worth a visit.


I am not usually one for searching out Wi-Fi in places like these, but on Sunday I like to write a blog or two and respond to the odd outstanding email, and the Quay Co-Op has good Wi-Fi available as well. We are blessed in Cork with some great locally owned and run spots for food, and t


The Quay Co-Op is up there with the best of them.


Note, this is a totally independent review. The guys at the Quay Co-Op know nothing of its writing, and you can take it or leave it. If you are health conscious, and love finding a great place where you can eat, chat, relax, or have a laugh over a coffee of lunch with your friends, then you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out for the next ‘Out and About in Cork’ blog for more on the best places to get healthy and tasty food that’s made with love!


Check out the Quay Co-Op’s Website here