I attended Aclaí Health and Performance for my first session on 9th September 2013.

I had visited my doctor two weeks earlier having returned from holidays. Following some tests, my GP subsequently informed me that my cholesterol reading was 6.9 and I was in the high risk category for Type 2 Diabetes. He gave me three months to get myself in order before returning to him for a retest. With a history of heart disease in my family, I decided to do something and I contacted Ainle Ó Cairealláin at Aclaí, who I knew had recently set up a new business in Donnybrook in Douglas. I was well aware of Ainle’s previous successes in assisting others in injury rehab and health and wellbeing.

I was assessed by Ainle and I started training with Ainle and Ciarán Ó Reagáin three nights per week. The patience, professionalism and perseverance by both coaches taught me to learn to train correctly again after a thirty year absence. Their knowledge of training and all matters of nutrition made training interesting and made it easy and exciting to attend each night.

I returned to my GP this week for the 3-month check-up and was pleasantly surprised and delighted to get my results that showed my cholesterol had reduced to 4.8 and I was reduced to the medium risk category for Type 2 Diabetes. I have no doubt that these results are due to the training undertaken and the nutrition advice passed on to me at Aclaí Health and Performance.

Coupled with these results, my body weight and body measurements have reduced substantially during the last eleven weeks that I have been training at Aclaí (results will be available after assessment on Tuesday night). My energy levels have increased hugely, my breathing has improved and my self-belief in myself has returned.

Credit for this incredible change in my life and lifestyle must be given to the Aclaí specialist team of Ainle and Ciarán and their dedication to me as a client.

I would recommend and have recommended the team at Aclaí Health and Performance for the care, expertise, dedication and professionalism shown by each of the team to each and every client, whether an elite athlete or a novice in need of exercise and nutrition advice.