Men’s health is an area that is not covered as much as it should be. Putting things that have anything remotely to do with our health is a massive problem among Irish men.

The best part of being a strength and conditioning coach and business owner at ACLAÍ is seeing the improvement in our clients over the time that they spend with us. I mean, we have seen some unbelievable transformation in people, and made such a difference to peoples lives in the short space of time that we have been open that our job satisfaction is through the roof! (Check our Success Story Page for More)

When I first meet our clients as they come on board with us, one common theme is that they have been ‘thinking about doing something for ages’. In line with the male habit of putting things on the long finger, this is WAYYYY more common to hear from the men. So this video is for you! Putting things off, or letting your health slide is not the way to go!

I am going to personally invest my time, for free, to help get you back on track.

The time is now. Watch the video, take action.