Today was a massive day at Movement Camp, and probably my favorite so far. Two training sessions, all breaking the 2.5 hour mark, and I am just back from a Question and Answers session with Ido. The energy was up bigtime today, and I have kicked the sore throat from the last couple of days. I think recovering from Sunday where we did 3 tough sessions while still acclimatizing to the heat here was a big turning point so far.

The first session today was with Odelia, where we got to work on some more locomotion movements, handstand work, and some really cool locomotion games with partners. My hand stand work is getting better but I still have a long way to go!
Next up was an outdoor session with Johnny and Joseph. Let me tell you this was the hottest it has been over here, and with this session happening outside, it was an absolute scorcher. We worked on hanging, swinging, jumps and lands, as well as some really cool basic Parkour movements, including rolling forward and backwards, balancing on a rail, and jumping onto a wall. This was a seriously cool session to be apart off (apart from the scorching sun). From a sports performance perspective, there is so much we can take from this type of work, from landing mechanics, balance work, and even the hanging work. Practicing outdoors can make the gym setting seem a bit sterile and one-dimensional when compared to balancing on a railing, or jumping into a wall.
The last session of the Day was with Ido. A few dance steps, and some superbly fun footwork drills. We really focused on these exercises today as a form of ‘sustainable practice’. I.e. A practice that can be performed at length, and over a long period of time without a high risk of injury or burnout My big takeaway from this session was my responsibility as a student to apply the information that is given in the lessons, and practice is so as to gain real benefit from it. This is something that I think we can all learn from. Doing something for a short space of time, or a coupe of times per week is not the way to achieve something meaningful. Deep practice, commitment, sacrifices, and consistency are all required to achieve a good goal. Here’s to tomorrow’s self practice on my new dance moves!
I am literally just back from the Q and A we had with Ido. This was a thought provoking session with some very honest insights from Ido, and brilliant questions and thoughts from the other Camp attendees. The sacrifice that Ido and his team have all self-imposed on themselves for the sake of their own training and teaching was one of the biggest take-home points. What struck me most was the ease with which Ido was able to answer the questions and how well he seems to know himself and what he is about. I guess this is part of what makes him a strong reluctant leader, and why the Movement Camp draws such a diverse and talented group of people to it.