Another cracker of a day at movement camp.

Session 1 was with Shai. More body circles, more movement of the improvised type, and more challenges to the body and mind. Integrating mobility moves into each other, in a flowing way really opens up a lot of possibilitues, and feels absolutely awesome! Session 2 with Odelia (in the picture above!). Mini breakthrough with the handstand, wrist work, balance work, and overall awesome teaching from Odelia. This is one thing that is absolutely 100% consistent at the Movememt Camp. The quality of teaching. The sessions have around 25 people in them, yet each teacher finds the time and attention to give to each student, and help us improve in ways that may have otherwise have taken weeks or months! They can do this because they live in the world of movement all the time. Not just for a couple of hours a week. The practice hard, and they know the skills and the moves inside out. Practically, and theoretically. There is no shortcut to get this way.

The third session was a lecture and practical demonstration with Martin Kilvady. This was the most I have laughed in ages, and with it came a very powerful and motivating message. With a combination of dance, insights, and absolute gems, Martin gave us a lesson in life, not just movement. The fun in the room was infectious, but the message was real. Don’t do, feel. Be playful, and connect with people that you personally feel an affinity with, not just people who are good at x and y. We all have our own mixture of various elements that make us who we are, everybody is different, and therefore the struggle for each person is an individual one. The better you know yourself, the better you can create your method. We have enough information, it is now time to play with it. In the moment, this just made so much sense to everything. Training, life, sport. Maybe in this blog post is is not so obvious, because we don’t have a happy Slovak dancing and enchanting us, but take a moment to reflect the messages.

I also got to introduce Ido to my good friend and inspiration Mick ‘The Iron Man’ Murphy. For me, this was like combining two superpowers! I was telling Ido about the heroics and antics of the Iron Man from Caherciveen, and like anybody who hears the tale, he was impressed. Someday maybe the two of them will get to meet in real life for a chat, who knows!

Tomorrow, 3 sessions. Telly-ho!