Today was a day of two halves. After 3 sessions of over 2.5 hours each yesterday, and a surfacing sore throat, it was tough to get the engine rolling this morning.

The first session of the day was with Ido, where we warmed up with some cool arm swings, and worked on more footwork, head movement, and slapping each other with towels. The footwork and the head movement work was done primarily in partners, which is a great way to stimulate the mind, and inject immediate fun into the session. I have to say that the arm swinging techniques are one of my favorite things at the camp to date due to the benefits it brings in terms of relaxation and ‘letting the body go’.

We had a break in the middle of the day, which I duly put to good use as sleeping time The second session of the day was with Shai, and was a session of Re-Move-Search. Mobility work like it has never been before, and exploring was of placing the hands and feet on the ground was mostly the order of the day. We worked in for the first half of the session on performing body circles at the neck, chest, hips, and knees, in both the transverse and sagittal planes. This was probably the most therapeutic type of exercise that I have ever done, and whatever happened during that session left me feeling fresher, more alert, less of a sore throat, and less like a zombie. Shai’s class was bordering on interpretive movement but with enough structure around it that it wasn’t a free for all ‘go and express yourself’ session. This really helped me get the most out of this type of class, and by the end of it, we were putting some really cool elements together.

In the evening time, we had a wonderful performance and Q&A with Shai, that quickly tuned to a philosophical discussion on the relationship between movement, and day to day life. Taking the less instinctual choice with our everyday habits can really help us develop, keep learning, and present new challenges. This is not a structured message of the Movement Camp, but it is consistently there in every class and with every teacher. Stephen Jepson spoke about it yesterday in his practical demonstration, and the challenges presented by the massive range of activities that we are doing is massively stimulating from a mental perspective as well as the physical.

A final note on the food over here. We are currently eating 3 square meals. Breakfast lunch and dinner. The crew at the training campus have really laid it on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I am not eating around 1500-2000 calories per meal! More on this later,