How much have you improved at your sport in the past 5 years? 5%, 10%, 80%? If I was to guess a figure for the general adult sporting population between the ages of 19 and 35, I would hazard to say that most sports players probably improve by a maximum of 5%, maybe 10%, by the time they reach the adult grades. The reasons for this are many, but include less time given to practicing your sport, work commitments, college, loss of focus, and wasting time on things that don’t really add much value to your development.

So, at ACLAÍ, we have put together some definite steps that you can take to fast-forward your progress, and make sure that you get a 20-60% improvement this year alone. These steps are based on our experience dealing with athletes and strength and conditioning in Cork and further afield, and will bring you success if you implement them.



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1.     Pick a goal and make a plan:

This is where it all begins. If you don’t know where you want to go, you sure as hell wont know how to get there. You need to establish your ambitious goal, and put it up on the wall where it is visible every day. Aim big, and get inspired to achieve your ultimate goal. After that, things will become clear as to what you need to do to achieve your goal, and you should subsequently outline the steps you need to take to bring you to your big goal. Getting this part right is a crucial key to success.

2.     Eat to support your Goal:

Many of us are still in the dark ages when it comes to general nutrition, and eating for performance. At ACLAÍ we re on the cutting edge of sports nutrition, and have designed a set of solid principles for super-charged nutrition. Needless to say, without the right fuel in the tank, you wont be going anywhere fast. Further, we have identified 5 key times that you eed to really focus on your nutrition to support longevity and success for the season ahead.

3.     Practice Your Skills Often:

No matter what sport you are in, practicing your skills on a deep level is one of the most important things that you can do. Establishing deep practice routines, where you can explore your skills is crucial, and seamlessly integrating your skill work with your strength and conditioning, rehab, and recovery is the key to success here.

4.     Mobilize and work on your weaknesses:

Poor mobility levels, and more so previous injury and current weaknesses are the most likely things to bring you down this year if you do not pay attention to them. Knowling how to do this effectively and on a regular basis will bolster your chances ten fold of having an injury free and successful season. In short however, you need to spend quality time working on the areas that will most likely let you down such as that dodgy ankle, the tight hamstrings, or the slow start that you make during every match or race.


5. Strength Train Twice Per Week:

This is a no-brainer for us, and any of our athletes. Getting quality strength training done two times per week on a consistent basis throughout the season is going to bring you countless benefits from maintaining freshness, injury prevention, increased strength, recovery, and a well balanced training program. Knowing what type of strength/ power work to do at what time of the season is the key to success when it comes to your strength training. As experts in strength and conditioning in Cork, tats where ACLAÍ comes in again!




Now is this time for action, and I want to invite you to bring your team up to ACLAÍ Health and Performance for FREE to do a workshop with the strength and conditioning experts in Cork.

We have put together a workshop for GAA teams called ‘How to Make 2014 Your Championship Season, and we currently have opened a small number of spaces for Cork based clubs to come up to our specialist strength and conditioning facility in Douglas, to take part in the workshop free of charge.

The main focus of the workshop is on the essentials that should be covered by teams and athletes to bring them up to the next level of performance, and are based on the 5 steps discussed in brief in this article. Afterwards, the players will have the opportunity to ask questions about any of the topics covered. The workshop will be an exclusive event for your team, and will end with distinct action steps to take into the new season.

If you are interested in booking your team in for this expert workshop free of charge, please let us know by emailing, or calling 021-4365917. This is a real limited offer, with a real limited amount of spaces, and we wont be offering this type of free workshop again in the near future after this round, so get in touch with us asap if you want to avail of one of the last remaining slots.