Since I started training with Ainle & Ciaran at Aclai I can’t believe the transformation that’s taken place in me!

I used to feel sluggish, lethargic & was simply resigned to the fact I’d always carry extra weight after having my two children. In just a matter of weeks though, and with the unwavering support of the Aclai team I’m amazed at how strong & fit I’ve become and the progress I’ve made.

I could never pinpoint the exact reasons for my sluggishness, it just seemed to go hand in hand with being bigger. But I’m delighted to say that through a combination of amazing training and nutritional advice I’m feeling so much more energised with so much more self confidence.

I used to dread shopping & big social events, as I didn’t feel comfortable in anything & was so unhappy with how I looked but now I’m beginning to rediscover me, my sense of style and joie de vivre!

I can’t thank the team enough for helping to get me on a track I absolutely love! I love the variety in the training and the tough yet helpful and friendly approach the guys take – constantly driving us to improve and up our game.

Thanks so much guys, from a very happy mummy who loves her new fit life! Xx.