Here is an inspiring story if I have ever heard one!


My good friend Eddie Hennessy, was up in the gym with me the other day, and we got working on a plan to help him lose some weight. At first glance, you might think that this is a simple open and shut case, but its not.


Eddie had a major stroke 4 years ago at the age of 34. He lost the power of his limbs and was told that he would not walk again. The prospect of living a normal life was very bleak. Since then Eddie has regained the capacity to walk, cycled 100km, cycled 100 miles, learned to play the Bodhran left handed (because his right side was badly affected from the stroke), become a stunning photographer, regained his driving license, and most importantly, had a beautiful baby daughter, Gráinne, with wife Margaret.


However, Eddie still has problems that are unresolved. Weighing in at 97.4 kg, he is about 18 kg above his ideal weight. He has a lot of weakness on the right side, as well as a lack of strength and balance. Has a lot of trouble sleeping, and has little to no energy during the day, bar short bursts of energy now and again.


It was with this in mind that we have designed a 6 month program for Eddie to get the weight down, work on the diet, increase energy levels, and get more function back in the right hand side of his body. Its going to be a big challenge, but Eddie is up to the job! To track the progress throughout the program, Eddie is going to post regular video updates to the ACLAÍ website, and keep us posted on how he is doing. If this story does not inspire you to overcome obstacles, nothing will.


This case has more bit of a personal touch to it for me. Apart from being great friends with Eddie and Margaret, my own father suffered a massive stroke while I was working in Australia in 2006. Despite been given the last rights 3 times, being pronounced dead by the doctors in the intensive care unit, having his funeral arranged, and organs ready to be donated, he pulled through, and is now living life to the fullest with wife Bríd! So, for 2013, here’s to overcoming the impossible!


Watch the video below to hear some of Eddie’s story from the man himself!