I am training with Ainle to improve in all three disciplines of triathlon, running, swimming and cycling. His sessions not only make you stronger but they also help mobility and flexibility which mean you can train harder and recover faster.The basis behind strength and conditioning is to work on weak areas as pre-hab, i.e. preventing injuries before they occur. I regularly get injured during the winter but last winter, with the help of regular S&C sessions, I managed to avoid any training-related injuries.

I love training with Ainle. He is enthusiastic and extremely motivating. We often went to sessions feeling tired/sore following a tough weekend of training or racing and came out feeling a million times better. Also, I had numerous PBs in running races before the triathlon season began and have had a number of good results in triathlon at this early stage of the season.

Ainle’s nutritional advice helped me reduce my body fat composition pre-season. The training sessions were always varied and interesting. I have said before that he is always encouraging and motivating. The program was excellent and tailored to our particular weaknesses and the results were evident not only in race results but also in our training.

The understanding that triathlon is not just about swimming, biking and running. It is also about strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery and rest. I make time to foam roll now and my knees are thankful for that!

The gym is very well stocked and has all the equipment needed for the S&C classes. Ainle also uses a few pieces of key equipment which can easily be used for sessions at home.

Training with Ainle is unique. He really is a personal trainer as you feel he is interested in how you are feeling, what kind of session you are able for and he motivates you to push yourself a little harder so that you get real results. I have never experienced this before in a trainer.

I would reccommend other to train here because I have found the sessions very beneficial and I’m sure other sports people would too. Its so important it is to make time for strength and conditioning. Being injured sucks. Make room in your program for pre-hab and do your best to avoid having injury-enforced breaks in your training!