When I started at ACLAÍ my main goal was to return to playing football, having not played due to a back injury for the past 3 years. I had nearly given up on playing again, even day to day tasks had become a struggle due to my injury. I had spent crazy amounts of money on physios, chiropractors and osteopaths, and some treatments gave me short term relief while others were a complete waste of time. I was given exercises to complete, which I always did religiously but the outcome was always the same, the injury always returned. This was mentally and physically very tough, as I mentioned above every day tasks were a big problem, I was in constant pain due to the bulging discs in my back. The pain went from my back all the way down my hamstrings due to the discs pressing against my nerves, I couldn’t walk 10 meters without being in pain. I would struggle to get out of the bed in the morning and my first thought when I would wake up would be “how long before the pain starts”, and it wouldn’t be long I can tell you that. This effected my mood socially, professionally and personally and I would not have been the easiest person to be around. I was always liable to snap at any point. What a lot of people don’t understand about back and nerve pain is it is so mentally and physically draining and your life is affected in every aspect. I would think the only way to understand back pain is to experience it yourself and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. I had nearly given up and started to believe this would be something I’d have to deal with for the rest of my life, until I started training at ACLAÍ.

What I enjoy most about being an ACLAÍ member is that from your first day of training you’re made feel welcome and you are given the motivation you need. At ACLAÍ, the coaches care about the client and ensure everything you do is done correctly and is beneficial for you, there’s no shortcuts taken. ACLAÍ gives you the confidence to believe in yourself. I had lost faith in getting over my injury before joining ACLAI. Everybody is friendly and nobody feels out of place. If you ever have a question regarding fitness or nutrition, it’s never too much trouble for the coaches at ACLAÍ to give you the answer. Hard work becomes enjoyable at ACLAÍ, and during every session there’s always time to smile.

Within the first week of training at ACLAÍ my back, leg and nerve pain had reduced immensely. On a scale of one to ten before I started I would put the pain at a 10 and within one week (two sessions) this had reduced to a 3. I started to be become more confident in myself as the weeks went by and started to believe I would be back playing football. I’ve been training at ACLAÍ now for 8 months and I’m well on my way to be back playing football when the season starts in September. Not only has the training improved my physical state but also my mental state. I’m a completely different person to the one I was 8 months ago. I’ve changed for the better, and all of this is due to the training, the nutritional advice and the lifestyle recommendations that have been given to me by ACLAÍ. I’ve surprised myself in what I have achieved within this time frame. I’ve gone from not being able to walk ten meters to training 5 to 6 days a week. I’ve learned how to enjoy life again as opposed to being in constant pain every day. If you asked me 8 months ago if I was going to play football again I would have answered with a resounding no, but now I cant wait to get back playing again!

I could not recommend ACLAÍ highly enough. Anybody who wants to change their lifestyle or get over a bad injury, ACLAÍ is where you need to go. If your an athlete or a person simply looking to get a fit, there’s no better place. You’re investing in yourself, I couldn’t think of any better way to spend money. A lot of people out there are trying to make money off people but don’t care about their clients and customers and people become trapped by misleading advertisements and promises. But, ACLAÍ is a place where they really care about the their clients and want the best for them. ACLAÍ has made me believe in myself again.