I came to ACLAÍ after two years back and forth to physio and three operations on my knee as a result of being knocked down by a drunk driver. I tried a regular gym but I knew I needed something in between physio and a regular gym and I feel like I’m finally getting that here at ACLAÍ. When I arrived for my first training session I had a walking stick and now I don’t have a walking stick anymore! I had to get help coming up the stairs and now I’m making it up and down the stairs on my own. The coaches at ACLAÍ make me more confident in the training I’m doing and I’m not hurting myself so I’m not leaving here with more pain that what I’m arriving with, which is what I was doing when I was going to a regular gym.

My favourite thing about training at ACLAÍ is the personal attention you get and the fact that the team work around my injuries and what I can do as an individual. I would say to anyone thinking about training with ACLAÍ to definitely try it, it’s well worth it. If you need to recover from an injury ACLAÍ is the place to be!