As a runner and a physio I knew that I needed to do something to prevent injury. I train twice a week at ACLAÍ, and the strength and conditioning work is something I hadn’t done before and is a great compliment to my running. I’ve seen my strength increase and after just a couple of months training at ACLAÍ posted a new personal best. I’ve set new goals now for 2014 that I’m continuing to work  on with the help of the ACLAÍ coaches.

As a physio I meet a lot of runners  that are not working on their strength and conditioning. If you’re just doing running all the time it is of course going to increase your likelihood of getting injured so I highly recommend ACLAÍ as the place to train to prevent injury. My favourite thing about training at ACLAÍ is the level of guidance and expertise that you receive from the coaches. They are really good in teaching you new techniques, nutrition information and I would definitely recommend for any runner, like me, to train here at ACLAÍ!